I always wanted to have a home I liked. The big house was the two-story old house, like Diane’s hometown of “Tomboy Diane.” Although it had ample space, it was not without human touch.In the garden outside the house, I hope the flowers are not as gorgeous as roses or carnations, but simple. For example, the blue wild chrysanthemum, the beautiful gardenia, as well as in the city is not common, only in the yard of the people of the country fragrant miles of sweet-scented osmanthus …

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flowers are not a white dazzling fence around, But let them openly wantonly, wait until the spring, the summer comes, the green bushes in the green sprouting of stars, colorful flowers, it is so beautiful ah!Outside the garden is a pool of blue lake, blue so pure, so clean, without any impurities, it seems like a flawless, pure crystal. Put a table and chairs on the shore, a cup of tea on the table, while tea, while enjoying the reflection of the sunset on the lake surrounded by groups of trees, just like a fairyland!The living room floor is vermilion, the window is the old color flower glass, a large fireplace, above which is a bottle of elegant Japanese flower arrangement, brown palm branch is very thin, purple flower color purple, like white non-white, is the kind of white and purple and white color, flowers inserted in a fine brown bottle, the flower is still a flower bud shape. The dining table is brown wood, no matter where, in this house, no room without flowers. The table is a lily, with a transparent slender glass bottle.The rooms on the second floor are very distinctive, except for three bedrooms, while the other three rooms are used to house a family favorite hobby. The first room is light yellow, used to put the whole family book. The middle of the room there is a mahogany coffee table, used to read a book.

I have stored the old school books in the first grade, there are some books that I can not fit in my room. The mother keeps a few readership of readers, some biographies, and celebrity essays.The second room is dark blue, which has something antique Chinese characteristics.

A variety of Chinese knot, master paintings, copywriting posted an array of dazzling …The third room was light purple with a wide variety of white shelves on top of the wall, with my favorite Barbie on it. I do not feel naive, because what I like is neither naive nor childish, I like it. Barbie is not pure Barbie doll, can change clothes, there are party dance skirts, nightdresses pajamas, casual jeans, T-shirts, fashion skirts, etc .; there will be singing Barbie dolls, but also hold a microphone, wearing a cheongsam; There are pure Barbie, furniture, etc .

; there are ads on the TV Barbie suit …

In short is everything.This is my dream home, a quiet and distinctive home!


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