Water Resources Management Essay

Introduction The Minister of Housing and Local Government, Dates Sir Kong Choc Ha mentioned that the local authorities spent about ARM 1 billion a year to manage solid wastes. He said that in 2002, Malaysian generated 17,000 tones of solid wastes daily , 19,000 in 2005 and it is estimated to increase to 30,000 tones by 2020. (Verbena 2010) Malaysia has been bugged with a never ending issue on solid wastes. This problem is more critical in major cities and in areas with high density.In the past, to most people it is not of much concern as long as the wastes are being collected, they do not care where and how the wastes being disposed. However, when the amount or solid wastes has increase, the associated problems that come with them are too serious to be ignored. Today, discussions on solid wastes are becoming more distinctive when new problems keep emerging but simple issues of recycling has never been resolved.

Managing solid wastes normally encompasses six functional elements which started with waste generation, followed by segregation and temporary storage at source, collection, transfer and transport, treatment and transformational processes and finally disposal. However, the process does not stop after the wastes is being disposed, in fact most problems arise after the wastes are being disposed, together with other existing problems. Table 1 shows the amount of wastes reported in 1998.It is anticipated that both residential and commercial establishments will increase correspondingly with the increase of population, improvements of standards of living and changing life style of the people.

Most major urban centers produce large quantities of wastes.


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