Waves in physics Essay

Application of different type of waves in medicine Assessment type(s): MAP Criteria: A: One world, B: Communication in science Word count: 1000+ Explain the use of different waves in medicine. Your essay should: -explains how different type of waves are used to diagnose / cure different diseases. -discusses the effectiveness of science and its application in solving the problem or issue. -discusses and evaluates the implications of the use and application of science interacting with at least two of the following factors: moral, ethical, social, economic, political, cultural and environmental.

You should also: -use sufficient scientific language correctly. -communicate scientific information effectively. -fully documents sources of information correctly, appropriate to the task The application of waves in medicine: Shock wave: Shock wave is one of the wave which is used in medicines. This wave was introduced 20 years ago.

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This application changed the treatment of Urologists. The formation of stony concretions in the bladder or urinary tract. Shock waves can treat kidney and urethral stones.Shock waves have also been used to treat fractures.

The concept of orthopedic is that the shock wave reactivates healing, surrounding tissue and bones, by micro disruption which means disorder of vascular tissues to grow on local bases. It basically helps in healing and recovering tissues. Radio wave: We have learned about the understanding of radio waves by the experiments of Hertz. Radio waves are used to transfer the pattern of a patient’s heartbeat by a monitor to a patient’s home or to a nearby hospital.They are also used to convey the condition of a patient from an ambulance to a hospital so that they are ready for the tangent’s emergency. Radio waves are used in medicine when paramedics who is a person trained to do medical work are connected to the scene where they are to do for the upcoming patient. Electromagnetic wave: Electromagnetic waves are produced by the motion of electrically charged particles.

These waves are also called electromagnetic radiation because they radiate from the electrically charged particles. They travel through empty space as well as through air and other substances.Electromagnetic waves at low frequencies are referred to as electromagnetic fields and those at very high frequencies are called electromagnetic radiations. Electromagnetic wave plays a big major role in daily life. Electromagnetic waves are used in communications, radio and television broadcasting, cellular networks and indoor wireless systems. From the results of innovations, the use of this field is very high as people prefer more of new technologies now a day.

The increasing number of mobile phones users rise significant concerns due to its potential damage on people exposed by radionuclide waves.Since mobile phones are used in positions very close to the human body and require a large number of base station antennas, the public and the scientists have doubts on its damages on human body. Ultra sound: In sound waves, waves are send into bodies and are reflected back at the interface between tissues.

The time taken by the waves to reflect and return tells the depth of the reflected area. The research for sound wave went across human life and had affected since the world war 2 when the research was being done during the war of sound negotiation and ranging.In sass’s for gray scale images, in 1965 for real time imaging. And today used in medical imaging. Sound waves have two types of waves, specula which means reflection from large surface and scattered which means reflection from small surface.

Ultra sound waves are used as medicines as it captures the internal organs and structures . Ultra sonic waves: The application of ultrasonic wave in medicine is that it used n x-rays and magnetic imaging. Among the various modern techniques for the imaging of internal organs, ultrasonic machines like x ray are very expensive including its treatment.Ultrasound is also used for treating Joint pains and for treating certain types of tumors for which the mentioned problems are heated. A very effective use of ultrasound deriving from its nature as a mechanical vibration is the elimination of kidney and bladder. One of the important advantages of ultrasound is that it is a mechanical vibration. It can also be used in places where x-ray is damaging.

Ultrasound, on the other hand, gives good contrast between various types of soft tissue. All the included waves have advantages and are helpful in humans daily life.


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