We humans are awarded with a very unique gift from God and that gift is the ability to speak

We humans are awarded with a very unique gift from God and that gift is the ability to speak. We have the capability to express our emotions, feelings, desires and all earthly expressions through words. One’s ability to speak clearly and confidently often results in high possibility of his success. The words we choose to speak plays a major role in deciding the future circumstances.

As said by Abraham Lincoln “Words are the most Powerful weapon” they play a very important role in maintaining relationships with others. Kind words promises a kind reaction from others. If we are giving respect to others only then we can gain respect from others. Words are just like the arrows which can never retreat to their owner and that is why one must be careful in choosing one’s words.

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Their are many examples which proves that words are the most powerful weapon. When America and Russia were involved in cold war there was a fear of commencing of World war III which would ultimately end the world. It was just because of kind request of other countries that reduced strains between America and Russia.

Father of our nation Mahatma Gandhi knew the power of words following the path of ahinsa was his chief principle the words which he used to address the public were very accurate. People were easily convinced by him and because of his continuous efforts he was able to provide freedom to our country. However, effectiveness of words depends on the speaker. If a person is suggesting something then he must himself be the example of it.

So to summarise we can say that one must always be careful while using words and should use them for others happiness because “Happiness increases only by sharing”.


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