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Related literature and studies which composed of foreign and local relevant to the present study are included in this chapter.

Related literatureForeignAccording to Beaird (2010), the process of designing a website falls somewhere between bridge building and sculpture. Yes, we want to create an individual site that’s aesthetically pleasing, but our highest priority should be to meet the needs of our client. Watrall and Siarto (2009) explain how to create really beautiful websites and still make sure to satisfy the users in their book, Head First Web Design. It all begins with good planning. Then you’ve got to write for the Web, know your audience, and, above all else, make sure you’re designing for your users, not yourself. According to Swimmerin (2006), the internet needed a single and highly productive scripting language, and that’s where PHP came in. Most developers use PHP in web applications from the simplest guestbook or blog to shoppingLocalRubio (2008) from Cacho’s (2009) thesis, there is certainly more data usage over phone lines today than, say, 10 years ago when data transmission was mostly just through fax or telex. Email, instant messaging, and other web-based communication tools are indispensable today.

It would be almost impossible to conduct business today without these tools. According to Ceralde (2002) from Deato’s (2007) thesis stated that it is very evident that people fully trust the capabilities of computers. It is proven by the fact that most of the systems are now computerized. Computers have greater capability in terms of efficiency and work because computerized processing of data minimizes human intervention thus producing accurate information.

Tittel and Johnson (2001) from Bernabe, Mogado and Pascua’s (2007) thesis, networks are vital to the business use of computers, especially for the applications and data that networks can deliver. If a single computer with standard desktop software²such as word processing, spreadsheet, and database can make anyone more productive. Related StudiesThe proponents primarily choose the topic because of the abundant resources around us, and resources are one of the most important factors to consider before conducting a research or study. The proponents were able to find out that there are a lot of studies before that is related to the one presented now. ForeignIn the study of Samuel Otim and Varun Grover “An empirical study on Web-based services and customer loyalty” (2006) mention that. “The Web serves as an intermediary between buyers and sellers for business-to-consumer (B2C) transactions in e-business.

It creates an electronic market place that lowers the buyers’ cost to acquire information about seller prices and product offerings (Bakos, 1997), and reinforces merchant–customer relationships through service delivery. Given its potential benefits, a number of organizations now use the Web for marketing, promoting, and transacting products and services with customers. E-commerce businesses are particularly concerned about keeping customers satisfied so that they keep coming back.” According to Sahab (2010) study, the World Wide Web is being increased used as an international media.

More organizations and companies are building websites to serve the needs of international users. With the help of these sites, they reach a wider audience and a bigger market. However, building a useful and usable website for international users requires more effort; it requires more than translating the content of an existing site to other languages. It should be designed in a way to meet the needs of these users who are spread out all around the world. Besides the different cultures and languages, these users have different needs.

LocalLeo Gonzales in his research entitled “A Client/server Networking Application using JAVA: JWBCB” stated that. “Java is an object-oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. A useful feature of Java is that its programs can be executed on World Wide Web pages. Java programs enable Web pages t i become more interactive with users. The Java language consists of classes and methods that provide basic variable types, system input and output capabilities, and other functions.

It also includes classes to support networking, Internet protocols, and graphical user interface functions. Java’s networking capabilities are contained in the package.

Stream sockets and datagram sockets are provided by Java. With stream sockets a process creates a connection to another process. When the connection is established, data flows between the processes in the stream. JWBCB (Java Whiteboard and Chat Board) is the network application, using the client/server model, developed for this thesis. Its implementation deepened the author’s understanding of basic Java networking capabilities and client/server networking concepts.”Sergio Bulosan and Mark Garcia in their research entitled “DYNAMIC HTML IN INTERNET EXPLORER 4” stated that.

“Welcome to the dawn of the point-and-click, drag-and-drop, and interactive Web, Also to the new future technology – Dynamic HTML. What is Dynamic HT’ML? Dynamic HTML is a combination of technologies, including HTML (HyperText Markup Language), scripting, and object-oriented programming combined to create individual Web pages. It is not a new version of HTML, it is not a new scripting language, and it is not a new way of structuring documents. It is a new way of tying all of those pieces together to make pages that cross the traditional static Web page boundary. But in technology, one can just say Dynamic HTML, relieves a Web server’s load by shifting the processing demands for animation, data processing, and other interactive features to the client machine. Why Dynamic HTML? Dynamic HTML makes extensive use of new style sheet specifications to give a Web author more control over the exact placement and appearance of elements on the Web page.

Therefore, Dynamic HTML seems to be the future Hyper Text Markup language for Web page authors. It is necessary to research the implementation of Dynamic HTML within Web pages and to explain how the Active controls work in Dynamic HTML.”


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