What a two-story, 100-square-foot entry hall can do Essay

What a two-story, 100-square-foot entry hall can do A lofty front hall is a luxury, but in Betty and Steve Mar’shouse the 10- by 10-foot entry is also very practical. A full two stories tall and set at front center in the house, thisglass box visually expands the 2,600-square-foot residence by providingviews to the outdoors from four rooms. The large windows, whiteinterior paint, light floor color, and simplified trim all help thespace look bigger than it is. As an air-lock entry, the glass box keeps furnace-warmed air fromescaping from the main house when the front door is opened. Solarradiation collects inside its double-glazed windows and well-insulatedsheath (R-30 in the ceiling, R-19 in the walls, and R-11 under thefloor). The 4-inch-thick poured-concrete floor, topped with8-inch-square glazed tiles, stores solar heat for slow release later.

If too much heat builds up in the house or the entry, it can bevented out an openable second-story window. These windows can all bereached from the second-floor bedroom. Plants flourish in the room. And when nippy weather confineseveryone inside, sitting almost outdoors in this wind-free space keepscabin fever away. Architects were Carolyn Widgery and Stuart Silk of Seattle.

Photo: Tall, bright, and mostly glass, southwest-facing box servesas front hall. This view is from interior window of second-storybedroom overlooking entry Photo: Big window climbs stairs, bringing light and views intostairwell and spaces beyond Photo: Hose bibb with drain below spigot simplifies plant care andfloor mopping Photo: From street, stairway winds up past landscaping to handsome,glass-wrapped entry


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