What Causes Deviant Behavior Essay

In 1980. an Illinois jury convicted John Wayne Gacy for killing 33 immature male childs and work forces. Sarcastically. after his strong belief. the ill-famed slayer. besides known as “The Killer Clown” said “I should hold ne’er been convicted of anything more serious than running a graveyard without a license” ( Berry-Dee. 2011 ) . Obviously. something intrusively incorrect resonated in Gacy for him to do such a statement that negated the strength of his actions. Gacy buried the bulk of his victims under the crawl infinite of his place and discarded other victims in the Des Plaines River ( Amirante & A ; Broderick. 2012 ) . Peoples frequently question what would do person make such barbarous and Byzantine Acts of the Apostless on another individual. Criminologists developed theories explicating the grounds people deviate from social norms and commit immoral Acts of the Apostless Torahs prohibit ( Schmalleger. 2010 ) . Particularly. in this instance. John Wayne Gacy is a individual suited to analyze. Certainly. a few offense causing theories explain how his upbringing. life experiences. and other deep underlying issues led him to perpetrating offenses to the extent he did. Gacy was the lone boy of three kids born to Marion and John Gacy.

He was the in-between kid. The Gacy’s lived on the north side of Chicago. As a immature male child n in-between school. Gacy kept busy by working part-time as a bag male child. presenting newspapers and take parting in Boy Scouts. Even though he was non popular. his instructors liked him. and he had many friends ( Lohr. n. d. ) . To people outside of Gacy’s place. it appeared he had an amazing childhood. However. many people did non cognize Gacy’s relationship with his male parent was far from normal. Gacy’s father physically abused his female parent and verbally assaulted Gacy by naming him a “queer” and a “sissy” . Additionally. a household friend molested Gacy every bit good ( Lohr. n. d. ) . Between the ages of 11 and 16. Gacy suffered blackouts ensuing from an incident physicians learned occurred old ages earlier. At the age of 11. a swing smitten Gacy on the caput and caused a blood coagulum in his encephalon. Once physicians prescribed medicine for the blood coagulum. the blackouts ceased ( Lohr. n. d. ) .

However. about a twelvemonth subsequently. physicians diagnosed Gacy with a bosom complaint. which caused frequent hospitalization for him. After physicians stabilized Gacy. it became apparent his relationship with his male parent diminished significantly because he father believed Gacy was forging to obtain attending. Therefore. Gacy’s relationship with his female parent and sisters was solid because they pampered him ( The Clown That Killed: The Horrifying Legacy of John Wayne Gacy. n. d. ) . As an grownup. Gacy graduated from a concern school and perfected his endowment as a salesman. Almost instantly he secured a occupation and in a short clip received a publicity as director. Shortly afterwards. Gacy once more experienced bosom jobs. suffered a spinal hurt. and gained inordinate weight. However. Gacy overcame his wellness issues. and merely as he did as a kid. he kept himself busy ( Lohr. n. d. ) .

Gacy involved himself in many activities to function the community. To call a few. Gacy had rank in Catholic Inter-Club Council. the Holy Name Society. and the Federal Civil Defense for Illinois. In those organisations. Gacy reached high positions and in one he received the “Man of the Year” award. Friends and household believed Gacy devoted himself to community and everyone loved him in a heartfelt way for it ( The Clown That Killed: The Horrifying Legacy of John Wayne Gacy. n. d. ) . His successes led him to Marlynn Myers who became his married woman. Myers’ parents owned a concatenation of Kentucky Fried Chicken ( KFC ) shops in Iowa. Because Gacy was such a good salesman who possessed high motives. Myers’ father offered him a occupation in one of the franchises. Gacy accepted the occupation. and he and his married woman relocated to Iowa. Even in Iowa. Gacy became involved in the community and even sought presidential term for the Jaycees Organization.

However. people began to distribute rumours refering Gacy’s sexual penchant. The rumours consisted of Gacy doing sexual progresss at immature male childs who worked in the KFC franchise ( Amirante & A ; Broderick. 2012 ) . Although many of his friends and household rejected the rumours. in 1968. a expansive jury indicted Gacy for buggery of a teenage male child. After the indictment. Gacy paid an 18-year-old $ 310 to crush the victim up. Gacy was sentenced to 10 old ages. but merely served 18 months after being paroled for good behaviour. After his release. he moved back to Chicago ( Lohr. n. d. ) . Shortly after traveling back to Chicago. Gacy married his sister’s childhood friend. Carole Hoff and started his ain concern. PDM Incorporated and hired immature male childs. Unknown to his married woman and others. Gacy used his concern to score immature male childs. Gacy invented the character “Pogo the Clown” . which he used to entertain immature kids. Harmonizing to Karen Kuzma. when she visited Gacy. she noticed a musty odor in his place. which he attributed to mole. Kuzma’s hubby suggested that he utilize prevarication in his crawl infinite to extinguish the olfactory property.

Kuzma besides said she noticed Gacy moving strange and opprobrious toward his married woman. which lead to his divorce ( Booth. L. ( Executive Producer ) . ( 2012. October 24. ) [ Interview with Karen Kuzma. John Wayne Gacy’s sister ] House of Horrors. Investigation Discovery ) . Between 1972 and 1978. Gacy lured more than 30 immature male childs and work forces to his place. Sometimes Gacy would frequently ask for his victims to his place for drinks or a game of pool but most of the clip he relied on trolling the streets of Chicago for streetwalkers and blowouts. He would sometimes blink a badge and a gun “arresting” his intended victim. Once back at his place. Gacy would demo his victims “tricks” with “magic handcuffs” . When he was finished. he would make the “rope trick”-strangulation-and his victim would be buried in a crawl infinite underneath the house. In ulterior old ages. he ran out of infinite downstairs and started dumping organic structures in a nearby river. the Des Plaines River ( Newton. 2000 ) .

Gacy was invested by constabulary when 1 of his victims went losing after stating his female parent that he was traveling to run into with a local contractor. After a drawn-out constabulary probe. investigators executed a hunt warrant and found human castanetss in the crawl infinite of Gacy’s place. Gacy admitted to the violent deaths. Gacy was charged with 33 slayings and sentenced to decease after being found guilty on all counts ( Booth. L. ( Executive Producer ) . ( 2012. October 24. ) [ Interview with Karen Kuzma. John Wayne Gacy’s sister ] House of Horrors. Investigation Discovery ) . Gacy was on decease row for 14 old ages. Gacy did non demo any compunction and told his defence lawyer “killing him would non counterbalance for the loss of others. and this was the province was slaying him” . Gacy’s last words before executing were “kiss my ass” ( Berry-Dee. 2011 ) . What caused Gacy to perpetrate these offenses? What was the account for his behaviour? His personal victimization of child molestation. his estranged relationship with his male parent. his childhood hurt. and desire for attending may hold contributed to the ground he tortured. raped and killed. Furthermore. other implicit in grounds may explicate why he targeted merely immature male childs and work forces ( Lohr. n. d. ) .

Travis Hirschi presented the societal control theory in 1969. Hirschi theorized every individual has the possible to perpetrate offense. and those who commit offense do so out of fright of what others think about him or her. One cause Hirschi listed as a factor lending to offense is the negative fond regard to household. In Gacy’s instance. he was close to his female parent and sisters. but his relationship with his male parent was severed during his adolescent old ages ( Hall. 2010 ) . Although Gacy’s father mistreated him and abused his female parent. Gacy loved his male parent deeply. respected him. and desired credence. This brings forth the labeling theory created by Howard Becker in the 1960’s. This theory suggests a individual labeled repeatedly as a “deviant” ( homosexual in Gacy’s instance ) will populate up to his or her label and clang with societal norms. It appears that the verbal maltreatment Gacy endured from his male parent contributed to his homosexualism because his male parent viewed him as homophile ( Cramster. n. d. ) .

Because psychologist diagnosed Gacy with antisocial personality upset. the abnormal psychology theory applies to Gacy’s behaviour. “The cardinal specifying feature of a sociopath is poorness of affect. or the inability to accurately conceive of how others think and feel. Hence. it becomes possible for a sociopath to bring down hurting and engage in inhuman treatment without grasp for the victim’s suffering” ( Schmalleger. 2010 ) . Gacy merely appreciated the pleasance he obtained from his behaviour instead the admiting the agony of his many victims. The last theory related to Gacy’s behaviour is the classical theory created by Beccari. The theory suggests a individual commits offenses when the benefits or self-interest outweigh the cost ( McCaughy. Capron. Jamieson. & A ; Carey. 2008 ) .

John Wayne Gacy had important. deep-seated issues that contributed to his compulsion of tormenting. knaping. and slaying male childs. It appears Gacy reached a high-level of satisfaction and pleasance from tormenting defenceless male victims. In my sentiment. I believe the primary issue that contributed the most to Gacy’s compulsion was his distant and verbally opprobrious relationship with his male parent and him being a victim himself. Although the theories may non to the full use to Gacy. they provide an account that helps people understand the events that lead to Gacy being called the “Killer Clown” .

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