What do you learn from Ben Leachs article about the issues and concerns regarding the building of wind farms? Essay

1) What do you learn from Ben Leach’s article about the issues and concerns regarding the building of wind farms?When reading the article the overall issues and concerns surrounding how wind farms would effect the landscape and its wildlife.

As one concern mentioned in the article was “projects would spoil much-loved views.”Furthermore the issues on the building the wind farms include having a “huge impact on the iconic are of landscape”. Therefore having the wind farm “violate” what is a very tranquil, distinct and beautiful landscape.

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Likewise there are also issues and concerns which I learnt and encountered about how these wind farms effect wildlife. Estimating “16,000 starlings and dozens of golden plover would be killed” which are a “protected species” to this specific landscape. Meaning that this could lead to and “reduce…insignificance” of “Natural England”.From Ben Leach’s article we learn a variety of things. Firstly we learn that Ben Leach has a structure which he sticks to all the way through the article.

He does this so the reader has a fair and unbias article to read and also what other people/citizens may think of this. One of the main concerns that we learn from this article is the fact that the wildlife that was their home for many several years is now the place where “over dozens of golden plover would be killed every year by the turbines.”Ben Leach also has a variety issues which he addressed “would spoil the lovely views of Cornwall”. “Catastrophic, climate change could destroy wildlife.

” “We would shoot ourselves in the foot if we reject this.”The audience for this text would beNow read Source 2, the article and the picture which goes with it called, Up, up and away – the day that armchair travel really took off by Valentine Low.2) Explain how the headline and picture are effective and how they link to the text. (8 mark)Now read Source 3, Storm at sea, which is an extract from a non-fiction book.3 Explain some of the thoughts and feelings Claire Francis has during the storm. (8 marks)Now you need to refer to Source 3 Storm at sea and either Source 1 or Source 2. You are going to compare the two texts, one of which you have chosen.

4 Compare the different ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts. Give some examples and analyse the effects. (16 marks)SECTION B: WRITINGSometimes difficult decisions have to be made.

Describe a decision that you, or someone you know, had to make and explain the consequences. Your piece will appear in the ‘Real Lives’ section of your local newspaper.


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