What Elements Should a Good Doctor Equip with? Essay

Doctors must be professionally trained and must strictly follow the occupational rules. When they work, they should as carefully as possible and treat their patient patiently. I acknowledge that knowledge, abundant experience, and lofty qualities are of strategic importance for doctors, when some merits take into consideration. Knowledge is the bedrock of doctor treat patient, so it would lay a solid foundation for the superb skill of doctors. Supposing that doctors do not have a deeper understanding of medicine knowledge, they would be unable to diagnose patient condition and adopt an effective way of treating.

The salient example of this can be best provided by charlatan. Quacks always boast that they have superb skill and that they can heal patient, actually they do not equip with superb skill, conversely, they would bring serious consequence for patient. Practice is the criterion by which truth is tested. Not having a good command of abundant experience can be grievous obstacle preventing doctors from healing patient because a numerous types of illness can be directly diagnosed according to the theoretical knowledge.

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The more experience doctors have, the more types of illness they know. So doctors need a number of clinical experiences. The aim of medical practicing activities is to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, to prevent and cure diseases and to render services for citizen’s health. So a proper doctor is always warm—hearted and constantly strengthen the awareness of serving patient. When the patient came to the hospital for help, doctors are supposed to help them, letting feel love and care. Some doctor’s aim of treating patient is to make profit.


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