What I Learned from Men Essay

What I’ve learned from Men Is it true that women could learn some useful things from men? And is it right that women are always responsible for every interaction? Is it their responsibility to keep the conversation going well? Also, are women too polite in situations so men take advantage of them? And many other questions could be asked; they might or might not be true. Every gender has his/her opinion of these questions; males could answer these questions differently from females.According to the article “What I’ve Learned from Men” the author Barbara Ehrenreich is willing to admit that there are some useful things to learn from men; basically she thinks that women could learn how to get strong and tough.

In the article, the author achieves her purpose and convinces her readers that women need to get tougher and learn how stand up for themselves. To sum up, the article “What I’V Learned from Men” claims that women don’t have the same power as men. Therefore, Ehrenreich claims that there are some useful things that women can learn from men.The article shows that because women are too ladylike, men sometimes take advantage of them. Also, the author mentions that, because women are too nice or polite, they tend to think that it’s their responsibility to keep everything nice and keep the conversations going well. Moreover, women tend to be shy when it comes to admitting their achievements in contrast with men, who tend to be sure and confidant.

In the article the author suggests women should be tough and should not be afraid to stand for what they believe or what they deserves, and not smile as much as they do.She also says, they should stand up and refuse any to be put in situations where they are took advantage of especially by men. in addition, the author mentions that women can learn something from men about how to control or deal their anger . The author offers strong evidence and good reasons to convince her readers and achieve her purpose. First, the organizational patterns she uses in the article such as comparison and contrast, narration, argument and exemplification help her to convene her readers that women should be stronger.

In the article the author makes comparison between women and men and their distinguish response in some situations. For example, she describes one company’s periodic meetings to recognize outstanding sales people, when a woman is asked to say a few words about her achievement; she tends to say something like, “Well, I really don’t know how it happened. I guess I was just lucky this time. ” In contrast, men will cheerfully own up to the hard work, intelligence, and so on, to which they owe their success.Secondly, the tone, her tone is normal in some parts of the article and in other parts there is some kind of anger. And a great example of this is when she says that women could get a little tougher “And a good place to start is by cutting back on the small acts of deference that we’ve been programmed to perform since girlhood, like unnecessary smiling”. Here we can see that she advise women with a strict tone, to compel them to act differently.

Third, Enhrenreich is kind of biased to women in her article, but at the same time she is admitting that there are some useful things women can learn of men.An example, is she say, ‘I am willing to admit that there some real and useful things to learn from men”. Fourth, there are several sufficient examples she mentions her best Example is, when she mentioned her own experience that she went through, when she was invited by her professor to discuss work and he started to bother her by dong inappropriate things to her.

Fifth, the style and the language of the article are in a very simple and clear way. The author uses direct language that readers can easily understand it. For example, the words that the writer uses are easy to read and understand.

The credibility of the evidence are strong that is able to convince the readers of the article, especially when she mentions her own experience and experts’ opinions such as Jean Baker Miller’s study. Also, the context of the article was interested and has a purpose. “What I’ve learned from men” is directed to the female audience because it discusses that women should learn how to be tough and strong from men and it contains several advice to women.

All of these points are great examples of the effectiveness of the author’s evidences that can easily convince the readers.From my point of view, I agree with the author that women can learn some useful things of men. Also, that women are the leaders; they take responsibility for everything.

Women think that they are responsible for keeping the conversations going well and making sure that everything is going right. I support the writer when she says women need to get tougher, and they don’t need to be responsible for everything. They should stand for themselves and start to think a little more about their needs and how they should be treated.I support this article because everything was mentioned is true. Men tend to take advantage of women just because women are too polite to say no or to refuse, they think that it is their responsibility to do everything and make sure that everything is going well.

From my own experience, I was in a group with two of my friends (boys) and I used to do all the assignments and the work because they are my friends and I’m too polite to say no to them, so whenever we had an assignment which we are supposed to do in a group, it was my responsibility to do the assignments.The article really convinced me and made me even more supportive of women. Moreover, there is a lot of credible evidences that the author mentions because I have experienced a lot of what the author talked about. In addition, the language of the article is simple it didn’t contain difficult vocabulary and is easy to understand. What I think also, that the goals of the article is worth achieving because they are useful for women.

In conclusion, there are several evidences and reasons convinced me and achieved the purpose of the article, that women could learn some useful things of men. I believe that women should learn some useful things from men because that will make them stronger and they will gain more self-confidence. Also, women are not responsible for everything and being polite doesn’t mean that anyone can take advantage of a person. I loved the article it was so convincing.

In additional taught me several things and I really appreciate the author of such a great article.


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