What is a successful marriage? Essay

What are your attitudes towards marriage? It is obvious that most of you would no longer view marriage as perfect, endless love and lifelong promise. On the contrary, a lot of people nowadays think that marriage is useless as many couples end up getting divorced. Therefore, what I need most important qualities in a partner and how to get a successful marriage.

In Hong Kong, many people hope to change their environment. For example, money can do any things. This concept affects most of teenagers. So people think that the most important qualities are money. They want to find a rich partner. It is indisputable that money is very important in the world. However, I don’t care my partner who is rich or not. If you say you love her money, they will ask what things are you like from her. You will be called a bad man. So, the most important qualities in a partner is really loving me and don’t care what I did in the past.

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It is respect the partner. Also, she wants respect for my family. In traditional mind, we play a different role in our family. For example, you were my father I can’t say some bad words to attack you. The other thing is responsibility for raising children and family. Because responsible is a critical quality to keep a relationship. When we talk about keeping relationship, I will think the key of this is trust. We must trust my partner forever whatever the matters. Let’s talk how to get a successful marriage.

The first element of happy marriage is forgiveness and understanding. If you have different view of ideas with your partner, don’t try to argue. Be calm and forget about it. This is because quarrels can easily destroy your relationship. Besides, try to understand the cause of the problem but not to get angry with others. A happy marriage requires a lot of give and take. Many couples find it difficult to live together because the partners have different family backgrounds and have different experiences.

Support is also an integral element in a happy marriage, especially in difficult times. When one is upset and feel stressed, you should give your support and encouragement. Imagine how you will feel when you gain no support from the one you love when you are in trouble? The feeling should not be nice.

Moreover, communication also plays an important role in a happy family. It is good for a couple to share their feelings, no matter happiness or sorrow. Of course, when your partner is unhappy, you should talk to her and show concern. Through communication, the couple can understand each other more and solve the problem together. This can certainly enhance the relationship of couples.

To sum up, a happy and stable family requires understanding, forgiveness and support. Both the husband and wife should contribute to the family. Finding a suitable partner need a time for waiting. Then, marriage can guarantee a perfect life and lifelong promise.


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