What is honesty

What is honesty? Is it just not lying? No. Honesty also includes not using bribery and stealing. In this day and age some people believe honesty is outdated. In some jobs people are even told that they will be required to do dishonest work. But many people know that honesty is important and do their best to be honest at all times. But why be honest? Well, dishonesty damages trust between people, can ruin your reputation, and give you a guilty conscience.

Dishonesty can do more than damage trust. It can destroy trust. Trust is one of the most important things in a friendship, and without it, nothing that is said can be believed. And it’s not just trust that gets destroyed. Respect gets destroyed, since when you lie you are showing a lack of respect.

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Some people think that by lying they are protecting their reputation. But really, if someone found out it could ruin your reputation. People tend to remember the bad things others do, so if you lie once, people will call you out for it. So why lie when you can tell the truth and save yourself the effort of trying to hide your lie.

Lying, stealing and other forms of dishonesty don’t make you feel good about yourself. They give you a guilty conscience, which can even lead to depression. When you resist the urge to steal something, or return money to someone who dropped it, it gives you the satisfaction of knowing you did the right thing. This satisfaction is greater than what you might gain from dishonesty.

Every day we face situations where we have to make a choice: to be honest or to be dishonest. So make your choice wisely, your name and your reputation depend on it.


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