What is Socialization? Essay

Socialization is the process that teaches the norms, values, and other aspects of a culture to a new group member. The family, gender, and ethnicity play a large role in the “group” we socialize into. All of these characteristics have a very strong impact and relationship and shape the person into who they will become. Many sociologists have proposed different ideas about how a person is socialized and how that person becomes who they are.

The family seems to be one of the most influential into the socialization that occurs during childhood and continues throughout life; which is looked at as Primary and Secondary socialization. There are many theories set up about the relationship between socialization and the family, and other aspects like gender and race. To me, the nurture theory introduced by John Locke, proposed that our environment influences the way we think, feel, and behave, is the most precise. Families and more like the parents in the family strongly influence us into the person we become.

Families are the first introduction to the world of socialization and probably the largest impact of socialization that a person will ever come face to face with. Over the years gender has become a very controversial topic. The difference between a man and a women, supposedly equals, are socialized into the world and into groups much differently. There are many different norms and values between girls and guys making there process of coming into some kind of new group much differently.

There has been many argument s and controversy of men and women and how they should be equal. Women have come a long way from how they used to be looked as without many rights, making the socialization process for them back then much different than it is now. Men on the other hand, still looked as the main power, are socialized into groups close to the same way, just depending now upon how they are brought up within their family and what ethnicity they are. The race of a person strongly encourages that person into what group he or she may be socialized into.

Although people don’t like to look at it that way, ethnicity had a large impact on people and the way he or she is looked at. Also, going back to the family, a person could be raised in a loving family but still have issues socializing into a certain group. Many people could care less about the race of a person and still want to give them the same opportunities as any other race, but sadly if you are of a different origin then a certain group it will stand out and be questioned. Socialization with race is very large, and it still omes back to the family and what their gender is. In conclusion, the family, gender, and ethnicity of a person strongly signify what type of group that person will be socialized into. Family is the basis for creating a person into who they become. Although a person has no choice about their race or gender, they also play a major role into what and who you become. People are socialized by their looks, social class, and personality; its how the world keeps working and most likely won’t ever change.


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