What Makes A Civilization Successful? Essay

There are many factors that make a civilisation great.

Some of the factors that make a civilisation successful do non merely include an efficient authorities. but a flourished environment. It must incorporate a great beginning of nutrient. Which is really important to the sustaining of a civilisation being a necessity. A good geographical country is cardinal. A good country would include handiness to H2O. which in bend would assist with the turning of harvests. When H2O is available a beginning of nutrient should be changeless.

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Water is a necessity when it comes to turning harvests or any workss. Plants use most of the H2O they get organize the dirt for transpiration. but a part of the H2O taken in is used during photosynthesis for bring forthing the sugar and glucose necessary for works to turn. A premier illustration of this would be in Sumer where the people would utilize a procedure know as irrigation to H2O their harvests.

They would delve ditches from a river to their harvests to do certain they got H2O to turn. Another of import key to a successful civilisation is authorities. ability to maintain a societal order and balance ; division of labour and communicating. The authorities is at that place for the people. to protect them.

Division of labour. because when there are multiply making different occupations a undertaking acquiring completed more expeditiously. opposed to multitude of people on one occupation. A good illustration of this would be Sumer in Mesopotamia. Not merely did the Sumerians.

hold a complete apprehension of trading they had some-what of a societal construction by 2500 B. C. By 5000 B. C. the Sumerians were in the procedure of developing a authorship system enchantress had evolved into pictograms and kept records by agencies of Scribes.Sumer reached its tallness in civilisation in its 3rd millenary. But like most things good.

it began to worsen. Water that was used to H2O the harvests was poisoned through a procedure known as salinization. Crops didn’t grow as good and every bit frequently. Without H2O and a steady beginning of nutrient. within 500 old ages to the nutrient production dropped to an all clip low. Nonetheless the bequest left by the Sumerians created. the default thought of civilisation they left. would be used in the old ages to come.


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