What makes a sense of self? Essay

Question 1) What makes a sense of self? In other words, what factors make you the person that you are? Here are a few points to consider: family, friends, religion, school, socio-economic circumstances and the community in which you live.My family and friends are the main inspirations in my life, which shaped me into the person I am today. My family raised me and made me the person I was until I got to the age that I went to school, where my friends then played a massive roll on how I acted, talked and dressed. My family still played a massive roll in my life even while at school; I tend to look up to my brother and his way of living a lot. He parties nearly every night in Melbourne and listens to clubbing sorts of music and dresses like all the people at clubs. I do my hair like a lot of people at clubs and dress more like people in the city and act like they do.

My area in which I live didn’t really have much of an effect on the person I am today; I’m more of a city person living in the country area.Question 2) How do you define individuality?I’m my own person; I don’t change to empress anyone. If people don’t like me, that’s their problem, not mine. I dress in the latest designer clothes and wear expensive stuff because I think it looks better. A lot of people in the area I live in wear different stuff so they see me as an individual, but I don’t care, because that’s just me and the person I’ve grown to be.

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I have a silly, stupid side that comes out in me normally only when I’m around my girlfriend Casey, who I am my true self in front of. I’m shorter than most guys my age, thanks to my short mum. Nothing I can do about it, but it does make me an individual in a lot of people’s eyes.Question 3) What do you think is meant by connection?Connection is when you connect with someone and share a lot of the same interests and from the moment you start talking to someone, you can normally tell if you will connect well with them or not. My girlfriend and I share a massive connection that is like no one else’s, we act different to most people just for fun, we share a lot of interests and hates, and I believe that is a true connection.

You have to feel comfortable around the person and normally you can make a good connection with a certain group of people like you.Question 4) Where do I belong?What is the connection between your sense of belonging to people, places or ideas and your sense of self? A sense of belonging can provide us with a connection to others and a feeling of acceptance but conforming to the needs of a group can sometimes compromise our sense of individuality. Consider these paradoxes as you do the following activities:1) List of groups I belong to:* Family-* Friendship groups-* Gym group-


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