What Makes for Good Quality Care in Residential Settings? Essay

Title: What makes for good quality care in residential settings? What actually is residential care and who we care for? Residential care is for people who can not continue living in their own home, even with support from home care services. You can stay in residential care for a short time known as respite care, over a longer period or permanently. There is a wide range of reasons for needing this type of support, for example, if a person has significant physical disabilities, learning disabilities, mental ill health, an alcohol or drug dependency, or is at risk of injury or abuse.

This often has serious impacts on their life-opportunities – for example, working, having sexual relationships, or starting a family. Residential care can help you to continue living safely, whilst giving your family or career peace of mind knowing you are in a safe and supportive environment. Residential care should provide you with day to day support, a comfortable and safe environment to live in, activities of real interest and enjoyment, privacy and dignity, support for your physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional and social needs.To ensure good quality of care, clients have he right to information, access to services, choice, safety, privacy and confidentiality, dignity and comfort, continuity of services, and opinion. To fulfill these rights, the needs of service providers must be met as well.

These include the needs for: training, information, proper infrastructure and supplies, guidance, backup, respect and encouragement, feedback on their performance, and opportunities for self expression. Good quality of care enhances clients’ satisfaction and their use of services.It increases Job satisfaction and motivation among service providers, and dads to greater sustainability of services.

Some care homes are registered to meet a specific care need, for example dementia or terminal illness. Each of the the residential homes is different and client groups differ. Variety of clients is wide, with different needs and wants. Every residential home is registered with Care Quality Commission and on the certificate is written clients group, age group and sex of the residents. Residential homes differ in ways of working, physical environment, capability of the clients and quality of care.

Differences in way of working depends on he way of support, in nursing home there is twenty four seven nursing care and most of the staff are nurses. In other residential homes we may find support workers whom Just supporting and prompting service users to do their daily tasks or we may find care workers whom are helping clients with personal care and do most of the tasks for clients. Properties used for residential purposes are different and almost every property could be converted to some kind of care home. Many large residential homes are built in old Edwardian or Victorian houses, but this vary from place to lace.Each house or property have to be customize for residential use and all necessary equipment have to be provided. According the Essential Standard of Quality and safety each property have to have certain proportions to fulfill these standards. Room sizes, amount of bathrooms if not en-suite, size of communal areas all have to be according requirements. Many residential homes have large garden or outdoor areas tort residents to be able to go out.

Home environment nave to be customized for special needs of our clients. If our residents have physical disability e would need to have lift or installed stair lift so our clients can access upper floor.For people with dementia we need to have simple decoration, one color carpet and simple one color curtains as people with dementia have problems with visual perception. Home environment have to be safe for each service user and we need to make sure that it doesn’t pose any harm or danger. Environment and feeling of the home is very important for our service users. Decoration and changes should be consulted with service users and it is their home. Each service user should be able to whose furniture, color of the walls, carpet and other items for their own bedroom.

Service users have their choices and they should be supported to decide for themselves as it improve their independence and boost self esteem. Every service user is different and they should be treated differently according their preferences. This is person centered care. Nor two people with same diagnosis should be treated and cared for exactly same. We all have different routines, preferences, likes and dislikes. We all like different things and we should encourage our service users to ice their needs, wants and desires.Quality of care we provide is very important factor in Health and Social care.

Each home should comply with Essential Standards of Quality and Safety set by Care Quality Commission. The Care Quality Commission (ICQ) is the independent regulator of all health and adult social care in England. Our aim is to make sure better care is provided for everyone, whether that’s in hospital, in care homes, in people’s own homes, or elsewhere. The aim of ICQ is to make sure better care is provided for everyone, whether that’s in hospital, in care homes, in people’s own homes, or elsewhere.Vision of ICQ is of high quality health and social care which: supports people to live healthy and independent lives, helps people and their careers make informed choices about care; and responds to individual needs. High quality of care meaner that care is safe, has the right outcomes, including clinical outcomes (for example do people get the right treatment and are they well cared for? ), is a good experience for the people who use it, their careers and their families; helps to prevent illness, and promotes healthy, independent living; is available to hose who need it when they need it; and provides good value for money.

Values of Care Quality Commission are put the people who use services first, be informed by what they tell us and stand up for their rights and dignity; be independent; be expert and authoritative, basing our actions on high quality evidence, be a champion for joined up care across services; work with service providers and the professions to agree definitions of quality and be visible, open, transparent and accountable. People who use services want care that is safe and of good quality. They have a right to expect that. People want choice and control over their care, and for it to be tailored to their needs as individuals.We need to ensure that people have a voice in shaping their own care. And to help them make informed choices about their care. All service are inspected regularly by ICQ and if the quality is not up to standards the service will be given certain time to improve service and quality of care.

Unfortunately we can still find some residential homes where the quality of care is not satisfactory and institutionalized, where service users don’t received person centered care and they deed to do only what is said to them and what is convenient for career or staff.But unpolluted the age to large institutions is over and care provided will be person centered without any form of abuse. Protecting our client from danger and harm is one of the most important part of Job of a social care workers. We have to make sure that service users are safe. We do not accept any form of abuse and if we witness any wrongdoing we have to report it to safeguarding team and to ICQ. We need to make sure that only people who are suitable are working with children and vulnerable adults.All staff accessing health and social care need to be checked thoroughly, without these checks person must not work in care environment.

Feedback from our service users is very important for us and give us idea what we doing right, what we should improve and what we should change. Each service user is different and unique and we need to give best care possible. People change during their lives so as they care needs. Care given should be ongoing and reviewed regularly and always person centered. A person centered approach is more than Just service user involvement.

It is a way of supporting and working with people that affects the whole culture of a service, and everything it does, by putting the client at the centre of the care they receive. To provide highest standard of care we have to have highly qualified and trained staff. Also staff have to feel supported and valued in the workplace.

If staff is not satisfied and valued the service will suffer and quality of care will not be high. Staff need to have regular supervisions and trainings up to date. Where staff feels valued and love going to work there will be happy service users enjoying their lives in care home.


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