What makes this Oregon kitchen so bright and cheery? A light scoop Essay

What makes this Oregon kitchen so bright and cheery? A light scoop

The soft curve of a room-wide skylight scoop bounces diffused
daylight into this kitchen. Even on the grayest of rainy days, the
overhead windows provide enough natural light to make the remodeled
kitchen seem bright and cheery.

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The dramatic, 5-foot-high scoop runs diagonally across the
house’s flat roof. Its south-facing window side is 21 feet long;
the ends angle inward at 45|, so the shorter back side measures only 11
feet. The curved end sections, based on a 5-foot-radius circle, are made
of plywood over 2 by 4’s; 2-by-6 joists join the sections. Since
the opening interrupted a number of rafters, laminated beams were added
below the rafters to span the room.

Originally the 19- by 31-foot space contained a kitchen, an extra
bedroom, a closet, and a full bath. It seems very open now: the old
walls were removed and the space divided between the expanded kitchen
and a bath.

Core of the kitchen is a 4-by 8-foot island with storage and a
cooktop on the kitchen side and a cutout section for stools on the
other. Its burgundy laminate top adds a colorful contrast to the oak

For underfoot comfort as well as appearance, hardwood flooring was
installed on plywood sheathing over 2-by-6 sleepers. The new floor
covers most of the original slab–only the corner containing a
wood-stove and the bath is at the original level.

Architect Roy Ettinger of Lake Oswego, Oregon, designed the remodel for owners Cristi and Ken Rifkin.

Photo: Quarter-round light scoop orients four double-glazed windows
to the south. Unit cuts diagonally across roof

Photo: Vaulted skylight brightens remodeled kitchen.
Tongue-and-groove ceiling paneling and hardwood flooring follow
scoop’s angle. On other side of tiled wall behind woodstove is a
small bathroom

Photo: Woodstove sits on level of original slab floor, now covered
with tile. Surrounding oak floor in kitchen was built up approximately
6 1/2 inches


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