What new developments have already taken place? Essay

The two roads which I am focusing on in Yeovil are Sherborne Road and the Old Station Road. Sherborne Road is the main road to enter Yeovil from Sherborne. The road is located in the inner city of Yeovil and therefore contains terraced house with on street parking and small front and back gardens.

The lower end of the road is located in the C. B. D and is the main road for entering the town centre.

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The shops located on this road are mainly specialist shops such as little sign shop, Miss Mays (adult shop), Cantana Music and Polish delicatessen.The road is heavily congested and therefore it implies a one way system to reduce the amount of traffic. The buildings on the road are all terraced; the shops are downstairs with the flats upstairs. The style of the buildings is old and is need of redevelopment. There is also little very little parking as the place is very cramped. There is also very little lighting in the area and this combined with the cramped area and the anti-social behavior make the area intimidating.The Old Factory is located on the Old Station which is situated opposite the Yeo leisure centre and also the Stars lane car park which is next to a national retail store called Wilkinson’s. The factory has been abandoned for years and has been left to fall apart.

The windows are all smashed in with door and windows boarded up. The paint work also has fell to ruin and the building is all black now. The Traffic around this area is quieter than Sherborne Road as we carried out a traffic survey on our visit to the Yeo leisure centre. The area itself is welcoming.The factory is suited in a very open environment; there are trees all around the factory and also there’s the 200 space car park opposite the road with very good prices. The area also is well lit and as there are no restaurants selling alcohol there is very little anti-social behaviour and therefore the area is very inviting. There are many problems with Sherborne Road.

First of all the social problems, there are lots of anti-social behavior due to the restaurants selling alcohol this makes the area intimidating at night. There also very little parking in the area and the little street lighting makes the uninviting.


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