What Patriotism Means to Me Sample Essay

In the wake of the September 11 onslaughts. we are seeing many signifiers of nationalism. I believe that nationalism is actively demoing your support for your state by standing up for your beliefs. demoing award and regard for our soldiers.

and remaining loyal to our president.By stating “standing up for your beliefs” I mean. for case. that if person started walking about town with ice pick in their pockets and you didn’t like it.

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so you’d allow everybody cognize that they should see it to be outlawed. I doubt that anyone is traveling to run around with ice pick in their back pockets. but if you don’t agree with an issue in the U. S. . you would stand up and allow people cognize how you feel.Another manner of actively demoing support for your state is to demo your regard and award for our soldiers and veterans. You can make this by directing them some kind of grasp.

For illustration. Veteran’s Day is coming up following hebdomad and some people are doing cards to direct to them merely to demo that we care. There are many other ways that you could assist these citizens merely to allow them cognize that we are grateful for them.Furthermore. a manner of demoing your nationalism is by remaining loyal to our president.

whoever it may be at the clip. This individual is who we elected our country’s leader and that is precisely what they will be. You will see many times. presents. that people will wholly back up the president when they had the same sentiment all along.

but when he thinks otherwise he’s “stupid old man” and bric-a-brac. In order to hold true nationalism. you must ever be loyal to our president.

Hopefully. more and more people will recognize that through the good and the bad you have to tough it out. no affair what comes along. The lone manner we will acquire through it is by demoing our support for our state by standing up for your beliefs. honouring our soldiers. and remaining loyal to our president.


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