What trends are emerging within corporate office design? Essay

What trends are emerging within corporate office design?

Flexibility of work stations is one of the key trends emerging in corporate office design. Design the work stations so it is possible to have a small conference among team members where required. This encourages team work, brings out immediate solutions for work related issues and the company saves a lot of productive hours and money in arranging a conference set up.

Mini conferences are held within the workplace to address day to day issues and flexibility in furniture arrangement obliterates the need for too many meeting rooms. User friendly ergonomic furniture that is easy to pull up (not too heavy) for short discussions and support the spines during long working hours is important. The plan of the office here is a large open space with multiple workstations arranged together. Mini conference rooms are provided in plan.

What are the key factors influencing human behavior in the workplace?

The need for personal space is a key factor in workplace. This may be addressed by providing lockers either separately or where feasible at the workstation itself. Amenities like day care centre, Gymnasium, separate pantry, relaxation spaces will help in creating an environment of care and a human resource friendly image that organizations of today try to portray. Today’s workplace is more of a flat Hierarchy where very few people work from inside a cabin.  An environment of openness and easy accessibility with clear circulation will be needed. A private restroom for men and women is essential. The plan addresses most of these needs.

What opportunities for innovation exist in the market?

Telecommunication has grown in the recent years and Video conferencing is being widely used amongst employees working from different locations or countries. Sometimes the human resources department conducts first few levels of interviews via video conferencing. Setting up a high-tech communication room or high-tech conference will help the client with their business plans making communication more effective. There are many cables and wires running through the floor, providing an access floor or taking the cable above workstations will be a convenient service provision.

What kind of mood setting is trendy?

An open workspace, colorful atmosphere, channel music where possible and use of glass to divide spaces indicating accessibility much against the traditional closed – door policy, informal meeting places, no hierarchical divides, young and appealing  is the mood setting preferred by today’s working community. People are proud of workplaces that are designed to provide a modern high-tech work atmosphere. The use of glass is visible in many places.

Is consolidation of workforces important?

Consolidation of the workforces is viewed as an important business need. It helps the corporate houses to have their employees working from the same campus instead of multiple locations.  Though the plan is spread out still the employees are consolidated in a single campus making it easier for communication, information sharing. To bring people from different departments under a single roof is a great advantage to the corporate. In the plan provided “The sheds can accommodate 550 fashion designers, “merchants,” graphics people, and marketing and Finance personnel in a mix of flexible workspaces” (David S Morton), paving way for consolidation.


David S. Morton. (2002, June). Abercrombie & Fitch Headquarters, A camp like setting in the woods revs up the image of a youth-oriented clothing company. Architectural Record



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