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Life’s hard at the moment. I always thought old age would be a doddle but I was mistaken. My youngest daughter, Amy, died last month and my other daughter is living in a squat in surrey. My wife passed away last year and many say that I murdered her.

Our marriage was going through rough times and in a drunken rage she ran for me with a glass bottle. I moved out of the way and she slipped and fell into the glass from the bottle. The glass went through her heart and that was the end. I lived on my own in New Cross, which is quite a rough area in south London. Amy was living with her auntie Margaret in Leeds. When Amy died it left Margaret with mass depression and Amy’s one daughter, Lucy, an orphan. Lucy is now living with me. If it was up to me I wouldn’t let such a nice young girl grow up in a rough area like this but there’s no other option.

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Amy was a nice girl. She had just graduated from college last month when she went missing. Police say it was likely that it was rape followed by murder. No forensics were successful but a bit of her scarf was found next to the canal. I still find it hard to believe that she is dead but she has been gone for over a month. Lucy is only 6 months old. I don’t know how I am going to tell Lucy, when she is old enough to understand, what happened to her mother. My other daughter is called Kate. She didn’t do very well in school and failed her GCSE’s.

She and a few friends found an abandoned warehouse in Surrey. It is a bit of a tip but its bearable. She didn’t do very well with a boyfriend either. He is an alcoholic who is constantly spending Kate’s hard earned money on drink. She sells grocery’s at the local market. I offered her to come and live with me but not now that she is with that drunken old fart. I am getting a 2-week break from my job in a few months. I work for an architectural company designing modern company buildings. I was saving up enough money to take Lucy on a holiday to Italy during my break.

Amy would have loved to come. She was always saying that once she had graduated from college she would go to Italy. She had her eyes set on Naples, maybe somewhere near the Amalfi coast, so I thought that I would take her daughter to exactly that. But I have been thinking about America as well. Maybe New York or another big city. But this isn’t just for a holiday. I was thinking of maybe moving there with Lucy. I am 54 and hoping that I might be able to move out there before Lucy starts her first school, maybe after our holiday. 2 months later The holiday was great.

I have found Lucy and I a really nice apartment in Manhattan. I am so glad to have left that rundown old place in New Cross and I’m even happier that Lucy does not have to go to school there. I have found a great nursery school called grove hill and its really close by. I am going to miss all of my old friends though, and my job as well. I have heard that they have a really good architectural company here that run from the world trade centre. I have always wanted to work in a big office block like that or canary wharf. I walked into the building and it was like nothing I had ever seen before.

The lobby was four times the size of my whole block of flats in New Cross. I walked over to the receptionist ” could you direct me to the Sintek architectural corporation, please” I said. “47th floor, sir” murmured the bored receptionist. I looked around the massive lobby and saw the lift in the top left corner. I got to the 47th floor, “Hi, my name is Jack Cunningsworth, is this Sintek? ” I said. “Yes it is, personal enquiries are over there,” said a rather classy looking man. “Hello, I have just recently moved over from London as you can probably tell by my accent.

I was previously working in an architectural company in New Cross in south London as the assistant manager. I was wondering if you had any vacancies for a job. ” “Actually you have come in at the right moment. We do have an opening seeing as John McCarthy, one of our most talented graphic designers, left yesterday. I am going to need to see your C. V to know if you have the right qualifications,” said the secretary. I handed her the document and she scanned through it quickly.

“Yes, yes you seem the right man for the job, when would you be ready to start? questioned the secretary. “Oh, well as soon as possible really, I just need to acclimatise to my new apartment and move all of my stuff in and then I’ll be ready to start. ” “Well, shall we say after the weekend, on Monday” she said. “Okay, see you then” I said as I walked out smiling. I got back home and began organising a babysitter for Lucy. I had a really nice weekend just looking around in my new area. I got Lucy a place at Grove Hill Nursery just down the road. I invited my next-door neighbour round to dinner last night and she was a really nice girl.

I was surprised to find out that she also worked for Sintek, on the 47th floor of the world trade centre. It’s always nice to know someone who knows the trade. I never would have thought it but I think moving here may have been the best thing that I have ever done. The people in my workplace seem like really nice people and my new next-door neighbour Gemma is helping me out so much, I don’t know what I’d do without her. I got home that night and phoned Kate “Hello” said a voice that sounded rather drowsy.

“Hi, can you guess who this is? ” I said, hoping that she’d at least recognise her own father’s voice. I, Is it Dad, Oh hi Dad. You’ll never guess what has happened to me. I dumped that bastard boyfriend of mine and got a new job as a secretary in this local office block. How’s life in Manhattan? ” “Ah, it’s great. I’ve found this great modern apartment that’s really close to the world trade centre and guess what, I got a job there. ” ” Really, what are you doing? ” She said, actually sounding interested in something I was doing for a change.

Maybe it was that old drunk boyfriend of hers putting bad influences in her head. ” I am working for Sintek, a famous architectural company over here. ” ” Oh…. So it sounds like your not coming back then. ” She said sounding hopeful. ” Why, do you want to take me up on that offer to stay at my place? If so then why don’t you move out here,” I said sort of knowing the answer. ” No, I cant do that. My life has just started getting good in London. Alright then Dad, speak to you soon. ” ” Bye Kate. ” I know that girl. She is bored with her crappy squat and wants to move into a proper house. I know she wants me to move back to London but I’ve just got too much going for me out here. Tomorrow I am starting a new project designing a conservatory for Lucy’s new nursery.

It’s a lucky coincidence that Lucy is going to benefit from my work. I have a good feeling about today. I had a dream last night that things were going to go my way today. As I got off the lift at work I heard the loudest blast I have ever heard in my life that shuddered the entire building. Suddenly the whole 47th floor went up in a riot of screams so loud I could hardly hear myself think. My immediate reaction was to turn right back around and get back in the lift but the button must have been broken. I then proceeded, trying to keep calm, down the everlasting stairwell.

It was like a mass rush of hopeful lemmings trying to complete their mission unscathed. As soon as I knew it I was in the lobby and practically shitting myself with fear and anxiety. I still, to this moment, didn’t know exactly why I was escaping but I knew that once I was outside I would find out. Later that night… What kind of sick minded anarchist would fly a fully loaded passenger jet into a skyscraper in Manhattan. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be alive. And I thought my time here was going so well. At least Kate will be happy to know that I’m moving back to London. That’s the story of my life though, a bitch.


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