Whatsapp is one of the many

Whatsapp is one of the many, endless ways of communication that we have in todays day and age. People all over the world are able to share their current experiences and reach loved ones, wherever they may be. On whatsapp, you are able to see what people are doing and where they are.

Communication is very important in the present and going forward. many companies need communication to market their potential goods. Any companies that provide ‘pretty’ consumer goods tend to be really successful on social media. For example, fashion retailers, bakers, car dealers, jewellers and beauty salons all usually get a big response when they post content onto their page. For some industries, social communication has become an absolute essential part of their marketing mix and without it they would be (potentially) screwed.

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Without communication and the skills needed to reach people we know, many of us would live a boring, sadistic life, spending each day in the same rut.

The Good:

technology has transformed the way we communicate, in part due to the advent of the Internet. Instead of mailing letters, we’re writing e-mails through Gmail or Windows Live Hotmail that can be sent instantaneously to a recipient. We can even add multiple recipients to these e-mails, so that more than one person can read them.

Sending a note to a friend can be done in a matter of seconds through instant message apps like whatsapp. With them, we can see if a friend is available or away, talk to multiple people at a time, “wink” and “sigh” using emojies, ignore a message if we don’t feel like talking, and send links to our favorite Websites and youtube videos.

We no longer have to spend large amounts of money on home phone accounts and with the simple click of a button, we can message people across the world.

Social media has become a way of life, letting us communicate no matter where we are—on the way to work, at the beach, at school, etc. text messaging has become an efficient way to get a short message across, such as “Meet you there at 8” or “I’ll be home late.”

The Bad:

It’s true that technology has also made society somewhat impersonal. In our every day lives, we are constantly messaging our friends instead of personally seeing them. As a result, it’s difficult to tell when a person is serious or sarcastic—our clever turns of phrase can easily be misconstrued.
Technology tends to make communication drag out more than it has to; sometimes it’s quicker to just get out of your seat and walk to the person, or simply pick up the phone.

Even worse, younger generations have forgotten how to spell and write complete sentences due to the increased use of text messaging on mobile phones. Many reports and statistics have proved that teenagers seemed “unduly reliant on short sentences, simple tenses, and a limited vocabulary” and that with the use of phonetic spelling and little or no punctuation, it’s beginning to pose a threat to traditional conventions in writing.

In addition, we’ve seen how addicted people can become to their smartphones. People possess an obsessive need to constantly check their messages, even when on vacation with the family. We all have a sense of FOMO and we simply cannot go a few minutes without checking our social media.

Social communication is a necessity in todays world and it contains many aspects that are good and bad. People need to balance their times and use social media wisely. However, without these means of communication we would all have many potential problems.


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