When you are learning something new

When you are learning something new, it is easy to get frustrated if you think you are not progressing quickly enough. You are never going to get better at speaking English unless you practice using it.
” If you have a colleague, friend or family member who already speaks the language fluently, ask them to help you” ,this advice is the most repeated advice to learning English ,especially to improve your speaking skill. But the majority of Saudi students can’t apply this advice, especially girls, because they don’t know anyone who speaks English, or they embraced to ask them for help. therefore, the importance of using technology for learning English and improving speaking skill is highlighted .

Technology has become more central in our everyday lives than ever before. It helps us in every aspect of our lives. An estimated 22 million students are benefiting from the online distance learning industry. Technology provides so many options as making learning interesting and also making learning more productive in terms of improvements.
Technology is one of the most significant drivers of both social and
linguistic change. Also, it saves the student’s time and money.

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The English language has become the focus of many people of different nationalities ,because it is the international language, and they can’t contact with any foreign person without speaking English, so they interested in studying it in the countries where English language is the mother tongue. But as we said not anyone can study abroad. In addition, studying abroad needs a lot of money, and it is time-consuming. Also, English is used as a second language in a country like Saudi Arabia. It enjoys a high prestige in the country. At present the role and status of English in Saudi Arabia is higher than ever as evidenced by its position as a key subject of medium of instruction, curriculum.

I have seen discussion in Al Qassim University Student Website about using technology for learning English language. Also, I know that most student in Al Qassim University wish to improve their language, especially in speaking skill , because it helps to get a job and it is the official language in many university’s disciplines such as : medicine , engineering and business administration , thus I think using technology is the available and cheaper way to learn English for them ,only is it effective ? and can they rely on using technology completely for learning English ? that what I want to investigate about. Perhaps my investigation could guide them to know is using technology of learning English would be effective for them and how technology would help them to improve their speaking . Furthermore, I am a translation student ,and I want to investigate that how improving my language would help me to develop my ability of translating and interpretation and would the technology be useful for me ?.

Since I was in middle school , I was interested in learning English, and I tried to learn it , but I depended only on the school’s courses . Thus , my language didn’t improve especially , in speaking
as much as my grammar . So , I would like to discover that could I improve my language by using technology , and which strategy could help me to learn English language effectively .

The aim of this study is to find out how mush using technology for learning English language by English language learners in al qassim university is effective. The study also aimed at helping students to know which strategy is the most effective and available for them , specifically those who couldn’t pay for courses or couldn’t study abroad . Knowing these strategies will affect the knowledge of the language learners in Saudi Arabia, because it will help them to learn better and wider . It also aims to make English learners aware of the strategies to use it in an effective manner, and be aware of how using technology to improving their speaking and save their time and money


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