“Where Lies the Land?” by Arthur Hugh Clough Essay

This verse form is considered to be one of the most optimistic poems the reader can of all time run into. The talker here is cheerful and positive. a individual who is looking at the positive side in life. Using this image of infinite sea and a ship which is in the center of this sea is merely a direct image that resembles life and how adult male is like a crewman who is seeking to maneuver the rudder of his life swimmingly and efficaciously no affair what hardships or obstructions ( icebergs ) he might run into.

The verse form opens with figure of rhetorical inquiries that sets the scene and enables the reader to visualize it “Where lies the land to which the ship would travel? ” This inquiry surprises the reader and ironically fools the reader into believing that the talker is a lost individual who is looking for his targeted finish. “Far. far ahead” . in fact the effectivity of this image lies in the fact that it represents man’s life. Man here became like this ship whose life lies in front of him. The usage of “far” twice reflects the length of this journey which seems to any individual as eternal one. The talker poses another inquiry that reflects his preplexity “and where the land she travels from? Away. Far. far behind. is all that they can say” . here the character is really unsure where he came from and where he is heading to. However. the inquiries is non the topographic point of landing. but how he is traveling to set down. The way is what matters non the mean. However. despite the great confusion and uncertainity the reader feels through the speaker’s tone. yet the objectiveness and enthusiasim is evident here.

The talker in the 2nd stanza moves into depicting a cheery twenty-four hours. rather peaceable and unagitated. A typical forenoon that emerges in the reader’s head a marvelloues image “On sunny middaies upon the deck’s smooth face” The talker here seems to be rather romantic giving aurual image of loving twosomes move “arm. in arm” . a pleasant. about inspiring image. the usage of “w” sound. this soft. smooth sound reflects the speaker’s extreme optimisim and openness to life. It stimulates our emotions and pull a romantic image.

This stanza emerges in our head a more profound significance that has to make with our lives. This image of a cheery twenty-four hours. portrays man’s life when it moves swimmingly and easy without jobs or hardships. This image reminds the reader of his ain life and inspires him with hope and outlooks that boost him to last and transport on.

The 3rd stanza is considered as slightly self-contradictory in the senses that it depicts an highly opposite state of affairs in life. which is “adversity” . The talker opens it with “On stormy darks when wild north-wester rave” . the accent here is on man’s life when it meets with sea surfs and obstructions. Storm here refers to the jobs and problems that might run into any individual in the class of his life and hinders him from basking his yearss. Sometimes such trials shatter his dreams and destruct his hopes. yet adult male should be strongwilled and determined in order to confront such immoralities.

The talker here is giving us a moral lesson. he is instead encouraging asks us to be like mariners who ne’er falter or give up when they meet a strom. on the contrary. they standstill and face it “how proud a thing to contend with air current and wave” . The tone here is hopeful. promoting one that pushes the reader’s backbones. forbearance and endurance is praised here and appreciated. The talker believes that man’s strength is shown in problems. he believes in the stating “what doesn’t interruption you. beef up you” and this is what he tries to learn to the readers.

Ending his verse form utilizing this chorus. is another component that adds to the marvellousness of the poem’s subject. It serves as a mean of conveying man’s life. The poet starts his verse form with great uncertainness refering his finish. that’s why he ended in the same facet because he is still puzzled. yet hopeful.

The usage of riming pairs contributes to the poem’s general consequence and reflects the joyful temper that the talker has established through his optimistic. reasonably words. The usage of slow gait and soft beat maintains the same intent and gives a in writing simulation of the existent scene ( a ship seafaring in a huge ocean ) .

As for the character. we have to acknowledge that the poet succeeded in picturing an excuiste character who is full of life and enthusiasim. a strong individual who could non be easy defeated. A existent subsister.


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