Where Santa reads and answers his mail Essay

Where Santa reads and answers his mail

Just above the Arctic Circle in Finland, where winter days are
barely 4 hours long, resides a real red-suited Santa Claus. While
Laplanders herd reindeer near snow-covered pine trees, Father Christmas,
or Joulupukki as the Finns call him, answers his mail with the help of
“elves’ from the Finnish Tourist Board.

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This Santa receives letters from children the world over. His
response to their Christmas wish lists is a printed letter with
Christmas tree decorations to cut and fold, color photographs of
Lapland, and a puzzle-maze map of Finland.

In an interview with Sunset, Santa’s chief elves said they
received more than 77,000 letters last year, often with a snapshot of
the writer or gifts of candy or cookies (a tradition with Japanese

Many letters arrive at the tourist board’s cedar log cottage
addressed only to Santa Claus, North Pole. However, the proper address
is Santa Claus, Rovaniemi 96100, Finland.

To get a response before Christmas, airmail your letters as soon as
possible (be sure to include your return address). They should reach
Santa within seven days.

Photo: Hardworking Santa and helpers read stacks of Christmas wish
letters. In response, you receive a holiday missive

Photo: Reindeerskin boots complete red wool Lapp costume of guide
at Rovaniemi, shown as dot on Arctic Circle on map


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