Where to explore? Essay

Time runs fast. To better utilize it, many undergraduates in universities will spend their summer vacations traveling to other countries. Hot choices are Europe and the U.S.A while more and more teenagers are going for the Mainland. Why are people choosing a western vacation? And what is reason of the others being attracted by the Mainland? Is there any downside of the choices? Soon we are going to know.Going to Europe is a good choice, as Europe included many countries, so people can explore some kinds of different culture at once. Neither Europe nor the States have the same culture as we do.

What we can do there is to visit the famous tourist attractions, enjoy some local cuisines at different places, talk to the residents there, and to go for some activities we can only try at specific places, like watching the Bull Games in Spain.Would it be better for us to go to the Mainland instead? Let’s see. What can we do in Mainland? Mainland shared a similar culture with us here in Hong Kong because we have a linked history background. What we can do there is to go to some perfect sceneries, searching for local snacks, visiting the rural areas and enjoy some times with the nature.

Comparing with Europe, the Mainland is famous for her inexpensive goods and services. Also, Chinese is good at handicrafts, so people can buy some special things home for souvenirs easily.However, going to Europe is costly, for that you have to pay a lot for the transportation. And you might have consumed a lot of time in only traveling from country to another country as well.

For people who are not good at expressing themselves, you may have to face the problem of cannot communicate with the local people as they are speaking in a totally different language. Are you ready to overcome this?At the same time, the Mainland is recently notorious for her bad hygiene condition in food production and some cases are even included with poisoning additives. Food is an unavoidable element in your travels, so you better think twice before going to the Mainland.

Even though you have a strong body, there are still other problems. There are many pirate goods and they are of good quality, so it is hard for you to know if it is the real goods that you are looking for. You might feel ashamed if you were found to have a fake brand named bag but you yourself know nothing about this.Traveling to other places is usually a worth-to-have experience to many people, especially teenagers.

Therefore, to keep your journey a remarkable one, plan your trip well according to what you expected to encounter and what you can afford risking before really making your final decisions. Bless you a nice trip!


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