Which do you consider

Which do you consider? Watermelons or Strawberries? I myself would prefer watermelons. I believe they are a lot more healthier and tastier. Watermelons are very fun fruits to eat. They can come in handyed on very hot days, and a. Also can be used for a lot of different things. The first recorded watermelon harvest occurred nearly 5,000 years ago in Egypt and is depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics on walls of their ancient buildings.

Watermelon is made up of water and sugar. It’s actually a nutrient dense food. These big fruits provide high levels of vitamin minerals, and antioxidants and just a small number of (85) calories. Watermelon also contributes to conditions like asthma, atherosclerosis, diabetes, colon, cancer and arthritis. Its nutritions is great for the skin, because it contains vitamin A. a nutrient required for selom production. Also keeps your hair moisturized. Vitamin A. is also necessary for the growth of all bodily tissues.

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Watermelon helps you stay hydrated. Helps improve heart health and muscle soreness. It does not contain any fat or cholesterol. High in fiber and a great source of potassium. One cup of watermelon contains 17% of vitamin A, 21% of vitamin C, 2% of iron 1% of calcium and 90% water. Some healthy snacks you can make using watermelon is rainbow fruit wand, all fruit watermelon pops, two ingredient watermelon slushes, little fruit ladybugs and cucumber melon salad. Watermelon it self is a snack.

Strawberry growers rely on some of the riskiest and hardest to control pesticides used in agriculture. They use a class known as fumigants. Fumigants are like an insurance policy, taking out possible pests diseases and weeds before they can cause any problems. Even using it correctly can lead to pollution(hard to control gases) in the air, affecting workers and nearby residents. Strawberries contain 13 different pesticides. They’ve been linked to cancer, development problems and ozone depletion. Strawberries are not even real berries. Technically, a berry has its seeds on the inside. Each seed on a strawberry is considered by botanists to be its own separate fruit. Who wants to eat something that is not what it claims to be?


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