Which of the five great powers of Europe was the strongest in 1914? Sample Essay

In Europe in 1914. there were five great powers. They were Britain. Germany. Russia. Austria-Hungary and France. Some were stronger in times of struggle than others. and many historiographers feel otherwise about the powers. This essay will utilize informations to turn out once and for all. an sentiment held by many historiographers of which were the strongest and which were the weakest.

Russia and Austria-Hungary were the two weakest powers in Europe in 1914. Austria-Hungary had a little ground forces and a bantam naval forces of merely 67 ships. This left them unprotected and vulnerable in wartime. Having a reasonably low population. and perfectly no settlements. they had cherished small defence and no backup. Russia had a big population. over three times the population of Britain in fact. but Russia was an huge state. and the population was spread out. They had an mean ground forces size. but being so far out on the border of Europe. it would be difficult to piece and travel an ground forces.

The chief failing of both Austria-Hungary and Russia was that neither had any settlements at all. This gave them a immense disadvantage. for several grounds. First. if things went bad for them in war and they needed more soldiers. they could non convey them from anyplace but their ain states. Second. they had no tactical advantages that could be gained from holding settlements. such as holding backup in hostile countries from nearby friendly settlements. Besides. people contending in Europe from foreign settlements were less likely to fly from conflict because they would hold had no-where to make. Possibly the chief advantage of settlements though is the trade they produce. Apart from being able to obtain goods non available in your ain state. states commanding settlements can do immense sums of money from the trade.

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In add-on to the deficiency of settlements. both powers. particularly Russia. had low industrial strength. with Russia merely holding a steel end product of less than 4 million metric tons a twelvemonth. That is under 3 times less than the production in Germany. The low end products of steel and coal limited the sum of arms and defences that could be produced.

Most historiographers believe that the mid strength power in Europe 1914 was France. The grounds behind this is that they had a better ground forces than three of the other powers. and a larger navy than Austria-Hungary and Russia. They besides had settlements. which gave them greater Numberss and defence than those without. The chief failing of France was the industry. Although they did better than Russia. they were worse than Germany. Britain and even Austria-Hungary for steel and coal production. With seven million metric tons less coal end product per twelvemonth than Russia. and good under half the steel end product of Britain. France was at a big disadvantage.

The popular sentiment. which we have proved by riddance. is that Germany and Britain were the two strongest powers in times of warfare in 1914 in Europe. They were reasonably even in force. although each had better and worse points. First. Britain had a immense and powerful naval forcess of 388 ships. This was partially because they were an island. but besides because of the sum of settlements they had to be able to protect. This brings us on to the other chief plus that Britain had. They had high quality in the sum. size and population of their 56 settlements. They had a combined population of 430. 800. 000! This far excelled the public of Germany’s combined population and settlements. which was merely 80 million. In these two characteristics. Britain was clearly the strongest. However. Britain besides had it’s failings. The chief 1 was the size of Britain’s standing ground forces. being six times smaller than Germany’s! Besides. Britain had already reached the flood tide of their industrial strength and were traveling downhill. whereas Germany still had a long manner to travel at the extremum of industrial strength.

Germany was strong in most respects. but their chief advantage was the immense ground forces of 4. 200. 000 soldiers they had. One of the grounds for this immense ground forces is that Germany was in the bosom of the five great powers in Europe. and had Austria-Hungary to one side. France and Britain to another. and the whole of Russia on its eastern boundary line! Germany had the benefit of some settlements. but no where near the domination of Numberss that Britain boasted. Germany’s 2nd chief fillip was the industrial strength. where statistics show they merely beat Britain. Besides. because Germany had merely merely reached the extremum of their industrial capacity. they weren’t faced with an nearing autumn.

With the grounds above. it is steadfastly concluded that Germany had the greatest power in times of war in Europe 1914.


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