Why arent more illegal immigrants needed in the USA? Essay

Every year millions of illegal immigrants go into the USA and make blend of a big variety of cultures in one place. The illegal immigrants sometimes don’t find a job. Another problem is that many of these illegal immigrants become criminals and murders. It’s also important to say that many children have problems in the USA, as the book “Crossing into America” in the chapter “Mexican children in the USA” says. The last problem, but not less important, is the overpopulation in the cities. So, the illegal immigration causes several problems in the USA.

The blend of a lot of cultures, for example, Latinos, Asian, African and the American, causes language issues and cultural differences. These problems start in the schools, where the children should learn and go to college or university, but the language mix and the continuous fights between the children are obstacles to educate these children. Precisely a lot of teachers give up in these schools and search for another one. But the teachers aren’t the only ones who give up. The students too, because they can’t understand the English language or have problems with another children1.

Another problem is that sometimes or often these illegal people don’t find a job in the USA, because the USA already has a 10% of legal people without a job2, and they are overcharging the american system, because the population grows, but the jobs are insufficient. These illegal immigrants have also problems when they search for a job, because they have no visa and the system doesn’t permit illegals to work. They also earn less money than the legal immigrants.

As a result of unemployment many of these illegal people become criminals to earn something to survive in the USA and they form several gangs3. Then, the problem of the illegal immigrants becomes a social problem, because these gangs usually are in a relationship with the drug trafficking. They take drugs and they sell drugs. Many of these immigrants are an important part of the organization, management, recruitment and trades of important drug organizations, for example the “Cartel of Tijuana”4.

A big problem of the children of an illegal family is that parents make the decission to take their children out of school, because they are worried about the immigration police that can discover they are illegal immigrants and then they are deported to their country. Many foreign children are also victims of racism from american children5 and it affects negatively their self-esteem, bringing a lot of problems, like depression, bad marks in school, drugs and conflicts with their parents6.

The illegal immigration causes also overpopulation in the cities. The overpopulation causes traffic chaos, the infrastructure break down and the problems like unemployment, delinquency become stronger. Also the big cities are going to suffer a water shortage, because there are going to be so many habitants, that the water is going to be not sufficient for everyone7. The traffic chaos is not only a problem of losing hours in the road to go somewhere; it is a danger for the public health, because the toxic fumes of the autos increase her levels and her concentrations, because there are every day more and more autos. Diseases like asthma, bronchitis and lung cancer are going to appear more often. And these problems are increased by the illegal and legal immigration8.

So, with all these problems, I should ask, does the USA needs more illegal immigrants? Why the authorities don’t do something to stop this problem, before it becomes unbearable? Does the USA need an amnesty for all illegal people that came illegally and broke the rules? If your answer is “yes”, why the USA doesn’t give an amnesty to the murders too? The murders as the illegal people broke the rules and they should be deported to their countries and no bring more problems into the USA.


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