Why College Education Is Important Essay

The increase in competition in the Job market, coupled with dreams and aspirations for better life has led to a high demand for higher education.

This implies that college education provides students with exciting opportunities which may not be available to students who end their education after high school (Smart, 2009, p. 23). High school students are often thrilled with the idea of earning a high income as soon as they graduate. Thus, some students tend to be less interested in college education. However, it is apparent that college graduates are better placed in finding ell paying Jobs than high school drop-outs.This paper seeks to highlight how important college education is to me.

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Importance of College Education To begin with, college education provides excellent opportunities for Job seekers. Unlike past generations, the current high school graduates can not access “a large number of well-paying Jobs that were once available” (Felix & Pope, 2010, up. 69-93). The economy of America has since shifted from being manufacturing-based to one that is knowledge based. This calls for higher academic qualifications that can only be achieved through college education.In this context, college education acts as a gateway to better opportunities for those who are interested in good Jobs. According to the 2007 census, non-collage graduates earned only 32,500 dollars per annum as compared to holders of bachelor’s degrees who earned 42,000 dollars per annum (Felix & Pope, 2010, up.

69-93). Besides, employees with college education are usually entitled to better health and retirement benefits. Consequently, college education will enable me to achieve my dream of getting a high-paying Job.With a well-paying job, I will be able to realize my financial goals and future plans such as raising a family and living a comfortable life. College education enables students to acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge that is not only important in their careers, but also in their private lives. Experiencing collage education gives students a chance to read a variety of books and attend lectures of experts in various fields. This exposure encourages students to “think, ask questions, and explore new ideas” (Smart, 2009, p. 67).

Thus, college graduates have an opportunity for additional growth and personal development which makes them more effective in their Jobs. In this case, college education www. Counterintelligence. Bloodspot. Com gives me the motivation to face life challenges through a variety of techniques and ideas. Research indicates that individuals with college degrees tend to be better managers of their finances and other resources.


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