Why Critical Thinking Is Important Essay

I. Problem Statement:In normal fortunes. the construct of thought and cognizing cooperate together.

However. fright of thought will act upon your clearcutness in cognizing and may take to negative effect. Furthermore. without critical thought. larning can non be to the full process though the encephalon which will take to misconstruing. For illustration.

text editions could merely supply solid replies for every inquiry. Equally long as you continue to follow the expression of your mathematic text edition without critical thought. you can non believe further and understand the existent significance behind the equation.

Therefore. critical thought is of import in the accretion of cognition.II. Body:A. Why critical thought is of import? 1.

Critical thought is of import because it veers a individual off from certain error. 2. Harmonizing to “Thinking vs. Knowing: When Facts Get In the Way” . by Victor E. Ferrall.

Jr. he remind us that “Of class. some cognition is imprecise. e. g. . if any of our child is traveling to hold a job kiping it will be Bobby.

or Mom ever brings her celebrated crackpot to a party. ” 3. Indeed.

frequently the information that others provide us could be inaccurate. Hence. we should ever utilize our encephalon to believe and understand the other side’s point of position in order to avoid deficient cognition.B. Amiss cognition is unsafe if you don’t believe critically.

1. Knowledge can sometimes be used to command or to rule people. Therefore. we have to be critical about cognition.

2. For illustration. In “Thinking vs. Knowing: When Fact Get in the way” . it give an illustration that the society usage imprecise information to misdirecting people.

it reports that “when a spiritual religious order “knows” the word will stop on a day of the month certain and it doesn’t. the usual response is. non to believe about why the universe did non stop.

but instead to take a new deadline. i. e. make new “knowledge. ” 3.

Even spiritual will utilize awry cognition to act upon people’s belief. as a consequence. we should be careful with all the cognition we learn from others because it may be incorrect.

Furthermore. if we can pull off to be critical in believing. so we can alter and rectify whatever mistaken knowledge when we receive it and thereby. won’t be manipulate by others.C. Why people avoid to critical think?1. Peoples avoid to critical thought because they don’t want to expose from the concealed narrative that could likely harm their ideal image.

2. In “The demand to cognize and the fright of Knowing” . written by Abraham H. Maslow.

he claims that “we tend to be afraid of any cognition that could do us to contemn ourselves or to do us experience inferior. weak. worthless. immorality and black.

” 3. Our failing leads us off from the freedom of idea. Slowly. you will get down losing your freedom by life in a everyday that does non necessitate you to believe. Meanwhile. when we start to lost our freedom easy.

life in a everyday that does non necessitate us to believe. we are enslaving to the regulation and control by the societal construction.D. Why we should critical thought?1. We should believe critically because it establishes autonomy and intelligent.

2. Harmonizing to the book named Krishnamuti. the author believes that “to be free is to be intelligent.

but intelligence does non come into being by merely wishing to be free ; it comes into being merely when you begin to understand your whole environment. the societal. spiritual. parental and traditional influences that are continually shuting in on you. ” 3.

Likewise. freedom requires you to believe clear. open minded and rational before you apprehend the hidden narratives. Equally shortly as you realize the context. you will have intelligent that could let you to interrupt down your fright and stand up for your freedom.III. Decision:In short. critical thought is the major procedure when having cognition.

With this procedure. we can be able to seek the imprecise information and free from the power of ordinance.


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