Why Did I Become a University Student Essay

Hello, Firstly I would like to introduction myself. My name is Biraj Mally and I am from Nepal.

I am here to do my Bachelor in Accounting. It has been a month that I am here in Sydney and I am having a good stay in Sydney. I have decided to become a university student because in my view university has a higher level of education. University degrees are globally recognized and university education has a level of standard. Their are some students who are taking distance learning but coming to universities are more preferable. University students can learn more which distance learning students does not.University students get diverse environment which helps us to study well and also learn more about the world. In the world of now team work is very essential so Universities can create that environment for the students.

And to be particular about our university, it is great because class rooms are small so students can get individual attention from the lectures. I have planned to go for CPA later on and I am interested in this field because I like accounting, I find it fun(though some times boring) and also it is relevant to my previous study.University study is a great experience to students. One hand students will have lot of fun and also education as a part of it, but in other hand also going to face lot of challenges. One of the challenge I face during university education is adjustment.

Adjusting with university’s lecture will be hard because lectures comes and explain the points but there will be lot to do by myself, where as in high school we are spoon feed. We have to stay alone by our own so we also have to adjust with time which is know as time management.We have to manage our time for university, work, study, and also some time for having fun with friends. We also have to go through many books and articles whereas in high school we do not have to do all that. Study load are too high.

Another challenge is of being lost. Being lost as in getting off track. I am here for completing my degree but due to my own mistake i can make my life miserable. And the final challenge what I think is security. Security in a sense security about my health and my finance.Security of finance can happen because we are far away from family and due to our bad companionship we may loose our saved money.

Also as we are far from out parents there are no one to take care of us so we tend to stay in bed without visiting the doctor. In all this challenges, the challenges which might be less in our control are reading the books and articles to learn, study type as it is not same as high school, staying in bed if we are seriously ill, etc. The challenges which might be more in our control are time management, getting off track, etc.


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