Why did I choose to pursue a college degree? Essay

In today’s society there are many people that are now seeking to prosecute a college grade. Most occupations now require some type of grade in order to hold a good place and good wage. The ground why I decided to prosecute a college grade was to farther my instruction and to assist towards my ends in life. It has ever been my dream to have my ain concern one time I get out of the Military.

I besides have a dream to go the first Female Sergeant Major of the Army. With these two ends and dreams you have to hold some type of grade to acquire in front in life. Since I could retrieve. I’ve ever wanted to have my ain bakeshop. I have ever had a passion for baking and planing bars. So I foremost started my grade in Business Administration back in 2004. With me being in the Military it has slowed down my advancement on acquiring that type of grade.

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So in 2012. I decided to alter my major. I found a plan that was tailored to me within the military and could assist me out in the civilian sector.In 2013. I eventually received my grade but it was in Supply Chain Management. with me being in the MOS of Supply in the Army I felt like this would assist me out with having my concern.

After I received that grade one time once more I changed my major. This clip it was to be a Sociology Major. In my head I had no hint as to what I was acquiring myself into. but I knew that it would assist with my end in the Army. I am truly non a people individual ; I like to remain to myself.

I am really intrigued about acquisition of all the different civilizations and their beliefs I merely ne’er decided to larn about them until now. So I knew with traveling into this major that it would assist me out with covering with people on all types of degrees. Since I started with college.

I learned that I have several learning manners. To me I feel like I am a hands-on individual an active hearer. and a ocular scholar. I can acquire things done by looking at it one time and so finishing the undertaking without person holding to explicate it to me more than one time.Equally far as active hearing. I retain information better if I can listen to it. When I am reading I like to read aloud so I can hear what I am reading and seek to understand it better.

When it comes to visualization larning. I like to look at something and seek to calculate out the solution without reading all the inside informations. I took two questionnaires Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire by Felder & A ; Soloman and The Center for New Discoveries in Learning quiz and I agree with both of those questionnaires.Both the quiz and questionnaire had inquiries that fit me absolutely and the terminal consequence gave me a clearer per centum of which one of my acquisition manners I use more frequently. In decision.

college may non be for everyone. but for me it is needed for me to do it closer to my dream and ends. While in college. I have learned that everyone has different larning manners that may alter throughout the different classs that we may take. We merely have to acquire used to the 1s that we are comfy with to go on to assist us succeeded and orient the 1s that we are non used to. to assist us with our acquisition manners.MentionsFelder. R.

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