Why did Lloyd George fall from power in 1922? Sample Essay

Lloyd George won overpoweringly in 1918 as “the adult male who won the war” . How is it that he fell from power in 1922 ne’er to return to the premiership? A battalion of jobs struck both Lloyd George and his authorities some were his ain mistakes others were political fortunes beyond his control. These jobs increasingly mounted up so high they obscured Lloyd George’s successes and toppled him from power.

Lloyd George’s station as primeminister was in a manner doomed from the beginning. He came to power at the caput of a alliance party doing enemies along the manner. Most notably Asquith and many other Broad MPs people whom should hold been protagonists. Alternatively he became a captive of the Conservative Party the chief majority of the alliance. Lloyd George’s policies of reform and positions on the Irish inquiry were incompatible with many conservativists. Whom when it came to 1922 would abandon him. This mutual exclusiveness stifled the coalition’s advancement. The high hopes of a “land tantrum for heroes” meant this deficiency of advancement particularly hurt his repute in office.

This deficiency of advancement was besides due to a general downswing in the economic system: caused by WW1 and the growing of competition abroad. A policy of retrenchment was introduced after a short roar. Retrenchment did non let the sort of reform people wanted. Lloyd George earned the choler of workers desiring reforms by declining to nationalise mines and utilizing bumbling tactics covering with a work stoppage in Glasgow. Had Lloyd George non been portion of the alliance would he hold adopted this policy and lost the ample support of the mineworkers? Or was nationalisation non practical and fright of revolution justified? Lloyd George’s stance and Liberals in general besides were confused on issues such as industrial dealingss. In the polarisation of political relations that was go oning the Liberal party in the in-between didn’t seem to hold an obvious set of rules that were relevant to the unfolding century which wasn’t helped by the fact it was split.

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Lloyd George did nevertheless make a period of comparative stableness in Ireland that lasted for 50 old ages. Unfortunately this wasn’t realized in 1922. The divider of Ireland wasn’t liked by union members for whom any break up of the state was a sedate error or Nationals for whom divider of Ireland was unnatural or Liberals who were disgusted at the ruthless intervention of citizens of the kingdom.

Quite the antonym was true for the Treaty of Versailles seen even by Lloyd George himself as a failure but ironically likely on its ain had small to make with his deficiency of popularity. The pacts that followed the terminal of the war took a batch of the primeminister’s clip off from the domestic docket. It was more of an illustration of the primeminister looking above ordinary political relations off in fancy castles in Europe than failure of policy. Liberals felt the pact excessively rough and others that it was non rough plenty. Lloyd George was fast loosing support for an already weak power base.

Lloyd George’s manner of authorities aggravated people. In the war he seemed to sabotage the civil service by conveying his ain people in. He seemed to hold a presidential manner instead than one of a primeminister and in order to acquire things done was frequently pitiless in disregarding those he saw to hold failed. On top of this he was struck by dirt. In his private life he seemed to be rip offing on his married woman and kept woman and worst of all dispensed with the formalities of selling baronages and knighthoods for money. If nil else this alienated him still further from any support he might hold had in the conservative ranks every bit good as with the general populace.

Lloyd George had lost the support of many Liberals who had stuck with Asquith and through his manner of authorities. dirt. the Irish colony and evident failure Reconstruction Lloyd George lost support in and out of the alliance. The concluding blow was foreign policy in Chanak. Lloyd George seemed to be war peddling stating military personnels to defy Turkish forces in Greece at a clip when the British people were still aching from the effects of “the war to stop all wars” . Bonar Law wrote. “we can non entirely be the police officers of the world” .

Britain’s function as a world power was in diminution. the economic system was in comparative downswing and the British Empire seemed to be falling apart get downing at place with Ireland. Lloyd George was likely an able plenty a politician to hold at least coped with this state of affairs had he had the support of a party behind him. In portion it was his manner of authorities. personality and dirt that made him less popular within the alliance confounded by Bonar Law go forthing his outstanding topographic point as go-between between Lloyd George and conservative backbenchers. But it was the split from the Liberals and with that the loss of control of the party machine and a party with the same political orientations that meant the alliance was non every bit effectual as it could hold been.

This was converted into failure for Lloyd George who couldn’t carry through the excessively ambitious hopes of the station war old ages. The cumulating of many jobs climaxing in Chanak and without a house power base ( caused chiefly by the split in the Liberal party ) Lloyd George fell from power. The deficiency of support within the alliance led to determinations. which lost him even more support out of it. which in bend led to the conservativists experiencing Lloyd George had lost his popularity and therefore his usefulness doing their going from the alliance. The interruption up of the alliance forced Lloyd George’s surrender.


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