Why Did the Nazis treatment Of the Jews change from 1939-1945? Essay

On the first of September 1939 under the secret Nazi-soviet pact the Soviet Union agreed to advance into Poland and in return they would get the eastern half of Poland only in return for his neutrality, Josef Stalin agreed this. On September 17 advanced to an agreed line that cut Poland in half. After a tenacious defence against the German forces around it Warsaw surrendered on September 27.

Over a million Jews were left on the eastern side and about another quarter of a million were kicked over by the Germans, many of these survived. These Jews were then sent to Soviet central or to labour camps in Siberia.While the war was on many of them enlisted in the Polish forces. They then went on to fight against Germany in North Africa and Italy. As German troops entered towns some of the amused themselves by tormenting individual Jews, kicking Jews, cutting off beards of orthodox Jews, forcing orthodox Jews to pull at one another’s beards. This was often followed by acts of brutality, by sever beatings and by executions. Special SS “operational groups” carried these out after the army had captured the town.

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One example is on the 3rd September 1939 one of the SS groups entered Wieruszow on arrival they captured 0 Jews took them to the market place and lined them up for execution.A little girl came running up to her father and wished to say good bye, but the SS soldiers captured her and ordered her to open her mouth then shot her through it. They then killed the twenty men. In Berlin on the 21st of September SS General Reinhard Heydrich he told several commanders that his plan for Poland was to clear large areas of western Poland completely of Jews and elsewhere Jews to be confined in special areas of cities and towns. All Jews would then have to live in this area which would be called a ‘ghetto’. Barbed wire, brick walls nd armed guards would then surround these areas. All of these ghettos had to be placed over a railway so that in the future other measures could be accomplished.When the Jews were kicked out of there homes they lost the majority of their possessions and there lively hoods.

Tens of thousands of Jews were also expelled from Germany into Poland. The deportees were sent in locked passenger trains under SS armed guard. Germans took their homes and property. Many children froze to death on the journey. Adolf Eichmenn met the deportees on arrival and told them: “There are no apartments and no houses – if you build our homes you will have a roof over your head.

There is no water.The wells are full of epidemics. There’s cholera, dysentery, and typhus. If you dig for water, you’ll have water. ” German soldiers then opened their luggage and took whatever they wanted. Jews were forced to live in these ghettos for 3 years each year the death rate getting higher mostly from starvation.

; ; In 1941 we saw the Einsatzgrupen. There Job was to follow the German armies through the USSR and once the German army had finished with the town they would kill all of the Jewish families.The one problem with the Einsatzgrupen was there killing method they would either hang people by piano wire or do mass shooting into a freshly dug pit which they would have probably made the Jewish folk dig first. In October 1941 the killing squads in the east had completed four months of uninterrupted killing. Himmler, Hitler and the SS decided that no blood need to be shed in German streets instead they decided any Jews in Germany would be deported to the east: either to ghettos, on polish soil where they would be left to starve and suffer with the local population, or to killing ites further east. ; ; On the 20th January 1942 thirteen senior Nazi and German officials met at a secluded lake side villa on the shore of Wannsee, a few miles from Berlin.The aim of the meeting was to come up with a final solution about the Jewish population. Their final decision was to use a new method of mass murder by gas.

This solution was to go into effect immediately. The Jews were deported more in this year then any other they were deported to four different death camps these were: Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka. In each of these camps almost every deportee was murdered.A fragment in each death camp was kept alive as slave labour, to sort the clothes of the victims and to service the SS facilities.

The rest were sent from the railway sidings to their deaths in the gas chambers. In the summer of 1942 the concentration camp Auschwitz which had until then been a place where Poles had been held and killed was turned by the SS into another Death camp the largest of them all. At Auschwitz they experimented using different forms of gas and different ways of murder.For the next two and a half years Auschwitz became the most brutal of all camps and illed the majority of arrivals imediattly. If the doctor on site(even though he never cured any Jewish people) thought that a Jewish person was capable of hard labour they would be tattooed with a number and sent to the barracks. ; ; Over these brief years we can see the way the Nazis killed the Jews these methods got worse and worse as the years went on. These different methods changed because the Nazis had to think of cheap but quick ways of getting rid of mass amounts of people. Hence why they came up with the idea of using Zykon B gas to kill the Jews in the end.


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