Why education is important to me. Essay

College education is essential to me for my advancement in my career field. It is necessary for me to acquire a degree in my field to receive a promotion into a management position. I have chosen construction management because I am currently employed in the construction field as a laborer and would like to advance in that career and become a manager in the same field. I love construction, I enjoy getting up early in the morning and meeting my crew at our yard. I enjoy the ride to the Job site with the people I will be spending my day with.

I like conversing with them and earning more about them every day. I enjoy getting to the Jobbers, warming up the equipment, and gathering all the tools we will need to complete the days tasks. I enjoy working throughout the day and working with each other to achieve the set goals for the day.

I enjoy coming upon a problem and having to put our minds together to overcome it and resume work. I believe squiring this degree will open up a new side of the construction field for me. I would like to move into a management position and find new things about the construction field I enjoy doing.As John F.

Kennedy said; “Let us think of Education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and the greater strength of our nation”. I believe that earning this degree will lead to a better understanding of how things operate on a construction site. It will teach me how to better manage time, materials and other resources essential to a construction project. Which In turn, can lead to a greater benefit for everyone.

I am looking to achieve from this degree the knowledge and skills I need to exceed In the construction management field. Some of these skills will Include as stated at a career planning site, Reading Comprehension, Critical Thinking and Coordination. It Is essential for me to gain and sharpen theses skills to prepare for my career In the construction field. I will be focusing my time and effort throughout the course on learning everything I can about the field of construction management so that I may go Into the field as equipped and prepared as possible.In conclusion, It Is of the most Importance to me to take my college education very seriously at all times.

Higher education Is a gateway to many things Including continuing my career In the field I have chosen and helping secure stability for my growing family as well. John F. Kennedy, (July 25, 1961). “American Education Week”. TAP. (Online) [email protected] Organelle / RAISES Careers, (November 9, 2011).

“Skills needed for: Construction Manager”. Career Planner (Online) [email protected] Com


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