Why Go to College Essay

Juhee Lee Professor Clark DEVR 0320 21 January 2013 Attitude Before I read the short essay “ATTITUDE” by Charles Swindoll, attitude means mere a physical position or a manner to me. As a non-native English speaker, I just consider the word “attitude” as a way to show one’s posture toward something. However, I could not help admitting that my concept of attitude was totally wrong right after meeting Swindoll’s essay. I always thought that someone’s success depends on his gift or intelligence which comes with passion.On the contrary, Swindoll defines attitude as the more important thing than anything else and even the only thing with which we can do to change the inevitable. According to Swindoll’s theory, having a certain attitude can decide how one’s life would be.

Generally I agree with his argument. Surely his point that the most significant thing in one’s life can be the way how he responds to his circumstances is right. However, there are still various obstacles that cannot be overcome only with attitude. Before have a positive attitude, we need to have a strong will power.

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Also before getting a will power, we must experience something in failure or in need desperately. Nevertheless his argument can be applied only after some prerequisites like a will power or desperation are satisfied; I am willing to use his thought for my successful college daily life. I would take a positive attitude on learning process, so I will be careful not to be absent from class and try to be punctual as possible as I can. Also I will apply it to making a good relationship with others. First of all, I will apply this attitude theory to the relationship with my son right away.


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