Why is Education Important for the Somali Bantu Essay

Mohamed Magmas Why Education is important for your Future. For most of us this marks our 10th Anniversary in the united States. We come a long way compare to our peers.

Today ask yourself why did my parents took the risk to be In this country. Prolong to the extreme hardships endured such as fleeing from persecution, poverty, and oppression, Just to be granted to live in America the land of opportunities. We should be grateful and take every advantage of every opportunity, and challenge given. One thing all of our parents fear is not to have you struggle as much as they did.They wants us to be successful and have a better future. However everything is not given it is mostly earned. The key In order to become successful in united States Is to have an education. Our Bantus parents do place a high value on education and situations and expectations for their children stated that they want their children to be “pilots, a doctor”, “social worker” , “teacher” and etc.

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Though we face many challenges such as financial Instability culture Influence, tradition values, which sacrifice our opportunity, and chances of reaching that goal we all thrive for.We need to recount some of our culture beliefs and set our priorities right. I believe that early marriage In the Somali Bantu community Is an extreme setback Into reaching our goal and becoming successful. In the Somali Bantu community most of the kids don’t get a chance to get their diploma or college degree.

Due to fact that we are being pressured about early marriage soon as we hit our teenage years, and being married at the age of 16 especially girls: they must to have the option to be married at whatever age they want. We must understand the challenges that comes tit early marriage, with both boys and girls.Early marriage thrusts spousal care, home maintenance, income earning and childrearing on our youth and distracts them from a focus on education. Education Is more than Just attending classes.

Education requires focus, attendance, homework, research, group work, etc. How can we be successful if our education interfered, as I said education is the key to success? In today’s economic environment there Is even more pressure and competitiveness on young people who are trying to earn enough money to buy a house and a car and eave any money left over for the family.High school graduates today are unable to obtain the high-paying Jobs that were once available. The IS. S. Has been transformed from a manufacturing-based economy to an economy based on knowledge. The importance of a college education today can be compared to that of a high school education forty years ago.

Going to college will be the gateway to better options and 1 OFF succeed. Though Jobs are available to high school dropouts or even those with high school diplomas are often low-level Jobs in hotels, kitchens, Giant Eagle, Fed, etc. D are part-time, low-wage and offer no security, health insurance or paid sick leave and vacation time. Reliance on these kinds of Jobs and government assistance is not sustainable for families to succeed. Not only does a college education prepare our youth for their future, but a college educated person earns a higher income over their lifetime than a high school graduate or drop out. College educated parents are more likely to stress education in their home with their children and more likely to expect university studies for their children.


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