Why is the Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort important and what talents, skills, abilities will you bring to impact the effort? Essay

The Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort is very important because of the many lives it has touched and affected. Many families are without homes, clothes, food, water and shelter. Although i havent’ been in New Orleans personaly since the hurricane hit, i know that they are with minimal Government assistance. When the Levees broke, many areas and cities were flooded. Some children have been abandoned because their parents have drowned saving them, or left ontop of a roof, so that they can be rescued.

The Hurrcane Katrina Relief Effort is very important in the rebuilding of these communities, homes, neighborhoods, cities, and families. The worst feeling in the world is a feeling of helplessness but with this relief effort hope may shine into peoples lives again and start or continues a healing process needed for many to move on and build another future.I was a noncommissioned officer in the United States Army and I am well aware of the humanitarian efforts put forth to help alieviate, expidite, and assist families needing help. I am fully capable of commanding or taking charge of large groups and organizing them for mass production on a team level.

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I have the skills to oversee operations and give orders with detail to help expidite the task at hand. I have done tours in Iraq and Kuwait, which have mostly been humanitarian and lived to tell about it.I have great leadership ability and i am fully capable of completing a task safely, accurately, and expiditiously. I also am skilled in gutting of houses and house building. All around i am a hard worker and I want to give back to my people, those people who have given up their lives in order to save more.


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