Why Kids Should Have Cell Phones Sample Essay

Have you watched the intelligence recently? If non. so possibly you should. All you see are narratives about childs acquiring kidnapped. by household. friends.

or aliens. It is adequate to frighten the marbless out of any child. Many parents. including mine.

say we are to immature and irresponsible for cell phones. I steadfastly believe they are mistaken. First of all. I believe that if childs had cell phones. they could and would experience more protected.

If an juncture were to originate in which they felt in danger. they would be able to reach the governments or person that could assist them. I believe childs could profit a batch from holding a cell phone. I believe it could give them a sense of duty. On the other manus. I do understand a batch of the points that parents have for non leting this.

They say. we can’t pay the measures. we will lose them. or we will interrupt them. Cell phones cost a batch of money and are non easy replaced. Parents have a batch of good points for the why nots. But what are their points for why we should.

If you look on the cyberspace. you will hold no job happening all the facts that talk about kid abduction. It will give the stat on how most childs are abducted by people they know and trust. The remainder are by complete aliens. In a batch of ways cell phones could alter these stats. If a batch of these childs had of had cell phones.

these abductions may could hold been prevented. In add-on. as a pre-teen. about to travel out in the universe on my ain. I truly believe I would experience much safer knowing that if I of all time got in a state of affairs and needed aid. I would hold a manner to name person if I had a cell phone. I besides believe if parents looked at it in a different manner other than it being another measure they have to pay ; they would see this point every bit good.

I believe they would see the safety in it. In decision. my grounds for childs holding cell phones are simple. It gives them a feeling of strength. safety. and duty.

It gives childs like me a opportunity to turn out we are more adult up than most parents think we are. I think all parents should reconsider their reasoning’s for non leting their childs to hold cell phones. I have discussed it with my female parent and she has changed her head. My safety is her figure one precedence.


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