Why Muslims do not take Bin Laden as a hero? Essay

Osama Bin Laden is dead. The U. S. authorities has been on his trail for about 13 old ages and after America offered $ 25 million on his head—dead or alive he merely became the mark of the largest manhunt of all time taken in the history of world. But non everyone celebrated Bin Laden’s decease. Not everyone saw him as a terrorist. in fact. some idea of him as a hero. Although Bin Laden may be regarded as a hero. but by killing guiltless civilians. commandeering the baronial faith and civilization of Islam. and forcing the Al-Qaeda’s mentally challenged persons as self-destruction bombers he has to be considered as a true terrorist.

The argument about Bin Laden is a large and a really controversial 1. Some people. like the Afghanistan people. might believe that bin laden is a hero for taking retaliation for Muslims from America. They might believe that by be aftering for the 9/11 events. Bin Laden showed America that Muslims can contend back. Besides. the fact that he was killed without a test made a batch of people question whether it was the right thing to make or non. Harmonizing to Ortiz and Kirschbaum’s article from Reuters. Spain’s Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriquez Zapatero went the farthest. going the first European leader to state openly that he would hold preferred bin Laden base test.

Last Wednesday Zapatero told Spanish Parliament. “Any Democrat would hold preferred to see him stand test. ” But even if Bin Laden showed that Muslims are non weak and could contend back. he killed unarmed civilians in the procedure and there is no justification for that. Besides he is one of the chief grounds for falsifying the image of Islam. After the 9/11 events whenever the word Muslim or Arab is mentioned it is normally associated with terrorist act. So even though Bin Laden should hold gone through a test alternatively of being killed instantly. he deserved to decease and he would hold been sentenced to decease anyhow.

The first ground why Bin Laden should non be considered as a hero is because he killed guiltless civilians. “Had Osama bin Laden attacked merely military marks. so his actions might hold been more acceptable because those who enter the military mark a papers in which they admit they are
aware of the dangers they may confront. ” ( Bancroft-Hinchey ) His whole program to assail anybody in the edifice from adult females to old people to everyone in the edifice weakens his motivation. Furthermore. a batch of households were for good damaged because of what Bin Laden did. There were those who lost a female parent. others who lost a male parent. a sister. etc. His pick to assail non merely military marks. but institutional and civilian 1s every bit good. while such may hold made him a hero a few centuries ago. turned him into a outcast in today’s international community. more and more based upon common love. friendly relationship and common values which respect argument and duologue and treatment. the cardinal principles of democracy.

The 2nd ground Bin Laden could non be viewed as a hero is his utilizing Islam as a drape for his terrorist act. Bin Laden has distorted the tolerant rules of Islam. which are based on regard for others and regard for other faiths. and what has helped him is the media in its publicity and circulation of his statements. which have distorted the constructs of the Islamic faith which are based on security. peace and moderateness and eschewing extremism. As Judge Hamoud al-Hatter. Yemen’s Minister of Islamic Endowments and Guidance says “We can non in any manner say that he has achieved triumph but on the contrary. he has incurred a great loss in this universe and in the Hereafter.

There are many Western minds who portion our position that bin Laden has severely hurt Islam and distorted its constructs. which are based on freedom. justness and coexistence among states. ” ( Darem ) The videos Bin Laden posted for the whole universe to see in which he took duty for all his barbarous Acts of the Apostless and used the name of Islam as his motivation wholly ruined the image of Islam and of Arabs specifically in forepart of the full universe American films now stereotypes as terrorists. Arabians are normally the scoundrel in the films seeking to kill the inexperienced persons. Bin Laden is chiefly responsible for this deformed image.

The 3rd ground why bin laden should non be viewed as a hero is mentoring and taking to Al-Qaeda’s persons to perpetrate suicide onslaughts. In Islam. it’s out to kill oneself no affair what the ground is. There has been some argument about whether those who commit self-destruction. are making a good or a bad thing. but in decision killing yourself volitionally for whatever ground in Islam is considered incorrect. In this instance. Bin Laden encourages Al-Qaeda’s persons to kill themselves for all the incorrect grounds.

Killing themselves is bad plenty ; add to this the fact that they are killing guiltless people in the procedure. Bin Laden Chooses specific personalities for Al-Qaeda. who are weak and who are non truly spiritual so he could learn them religion his manner. He chooses people who have psychological jobs and starts to convert them that they should kill themselves because Gods would desire them to contend Americans that manner ; he convinces them that by perpetrating self-destruction onslaughts they will vouch themselves a topographic point in Eden as a wages from God.

To sum up. Bin Laden should non be considered a hero in anyhow. The fact that he killed guiltless civilians and used the name of Islam to make it made him an enemy non merely to Americans but to Muslims and Arabs every bit good. True. he should hold faced a test alternatively of being killed immediately. yet he should hold been killed in the terminal anyhow.


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