Why people attend college? Essay

After graduating from high school, people have the option to directly enter the work force. Most of them who have opportunities, however, decide to go to college before finding jobs. They attend college to observe more choices, higher salaries and the opportunities for advancement in a increasingly competitive job markets. Before attending college, people have a limited opportunity to specialize. After obtaining a specific college degree a job applicant can be competitive for previous unavailable jobs.For instance, applicants with computer science degree would not only be qualified for jobs in high tech companies, they would also be well prepared for any job with computer skills as an prerequisite. With a lager range of jobs to choose from, degree holders are more likely to find a job that suits their particular needs and interests.

Additionally, employers are willing to pay a premium for highly qualified applicants. For example, many companies desire employees who are competent in more than one language and offer higher salaries to attract them.Even if a job applicant without a college degree has high standard test scores, employers may still place a value on an applicant with similar test scores who also possesses credentials from a well-known university. Because of the extent to which a college degree is accepted by employers as proof of competence in a given filed, college graduates are not only more likely to receive more job offers, they can also command higer salaries than applicants who lack college diplomas.Finally, in addition to offering more choices and higher salaries, a college degree offers access to jobs with a clear path towards professional advancement. A B.

S. in biology, for example, could allow a student to find a job in a lab after graduation, a first step on the road towards a career in scientific research. The same major could also be used to apply to medical school, and a career as a doctor. Both of the avenues would be unavailable without taking the first step of an undergraduate degree in biology.


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