Why they leave- educational article summary Essay

Why They Leave. Nematode, 21 (5).

Summary: The article addresses the issues as to “Why Teacher’s Leave” (Teaching). Over all, the most popular reasons teachers listed for leaving the teaching field were tofu within the schools, lack of influence/ respect, and dissatisfaction with a teacher’s salary. Several different accounts of disappointment and frustration are revealed through the stories of Mart Nielsen, Janet Grids, Timmy McCarty, and SherryMann as well as statements issued by several teachers unions. The article also informed readers of the percentage rates of teachers departing from the field within five years of entering the profession. Overall, there are many different organizations working together to improve the standards that are lacking with in the educational system in order to not only retain teachers, but to also create a better environment for students and educators alike.Conclusion: It can be derived from this article that he main reason teachers are leaving the educational system is due to a general lack of understanding from their peers.

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The teachers have a general desire to teach but due to their needs being insufficiently met, they leave instead of compete for current job satisfaction. The result from the vastly growing number of teachers departing from the field is a large hole amongst our educators.In Mart Nelson’s story she shares that she leaving due to the rooms being overcrowded and the schools obsessive need to cram for standardized tests.

It also informed us about Janet Grids story who is considering leaving due to impossible standards expected with student test scores that are tied into the teachers’ Job accountability and necessity. Also Timmy McCarty who is loosing her passion for teaching due to the administration and parent’s lack of interest in discipline.Implications: This article discussed many issues that are concerning current teachers ND those that are in the education field.

The implications of this article are that if situations within the schools fail to improve, the decline of new educators will continue to pose a risk to the education of our nation. Current situations within the educational system are legitimate reasons for the departure of our new teachers and without continual improvement by the government and unions, their departure will continue to increase and become an undesired field.


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