Why were the major cities of Britain bombed by the Germans in 1940-41? Essay

There were many reasons why Nazi Germany bombed the major cities during 1940-1941 destroy the regular air force during the battle of Britain. They also used the accident that happened as an excuse and the success of bombing in the 1930’s justified their actions. Other reasons include Germany wanting to destroy Britain’s war effort and the people’s morale.

The failure of the Battle of Britain was a major cause leading to the blitz and Germany a major cause heading to the Blitz. Germany decided to invade Britain by first destroying the RAF, as with what happened to Poland and France. They also wanted to destroy Britain’s airfields, radar and communication points. However they failed in this for a number of reasons. Firstly Germany had a lack of heavy bombers and their tactical bombers stuckers only had one or two bombs meaning that they were limited. They also found that it was difficult to defeat the RAF. Who could match them with their fighter planes this was made worse by the fact that Germanys fighter planes could not stay with their bombers for long which made then vulnerable. Therefore, Germany… to bombing

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A group of people believe that the intention Hitler had to bomb British cities wasn’t his intention at all, but it arose because of an accident. apparently, the night in 1940, a German bomber plane right over England it was mainly use of fuel so they decided to drop the bombs and leave the bombs blew save buildings up Churchill retaliated and Berlin was bombed. Hitler went absolutely insane as he made us promises to his German people that they would not be attacked. So Hitler had to respond. And this resulted in the Blitz. However this is not that plausible as Germany switching to the British cities is unlikely over an accident, but it did give them the legally they needed to attack the British cities.

The same can be said for the argument that Germany bombed the British cities because of the success of bombing in Abyssima and Spain. However, this is unlikely as the Germans would have known that these successes were because Abyssinian could not defend itself against modern warfare and in Spain the nationalists were supported with the might of Germany and Italy.

The Germans also bombed Britain to destroy its industry and therefore, affect its war effort. In this Germany had some success because they did destroy many factories and ports. However, Britain’s factories tended to be operational within three weeks and there was no real disruption to its war effort. However any disruptions were better than nothing.

In a similar way to the last reason German bombed the British cities to get the people to want to gibe, as with before they also had some success in this because moral did drop at certain times. But like before morale stayed quite high and there were no big protests for Britain to give in. However the Germans were not to know this at first and therefore, it is a good reason for the Blitz.

Therefore, in conclusion, Germany bombed the British cities for a number of reasons, but their failure in the Battle of Britain is the most important because of they had have succeeded then a first world not have had to carry out the Blitz.


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