William Blake’s Views on Love portrayed in “The Clod and the Pebble” Sample Essay

The poet William Blake wrote “The Clod and the Pebble” . In this poem Blake expresses his thoughts of what love should be and how the construct of love is perverted. The two talkers in this verse form is a ball of clay and a pebble from a creek. Blake portrays this thought of what love should be and how the construct of love is misconceived through symbolism. the phrases that he uses. and word pick.One of Blake’s cardinal talkers in this verse form is a ball of clay.

This ball of clay symbolizes people that may be less fortunate and need to work hard for a life. which is shown in line 6 “Trodden with the cattle’s pess. ” Blake shows that these people understand their functions in life and still stay optimistic. While the pebble in a creek represents those who live more comfortably. but has a pessimistic attitude and position on life. The people that are represented by the ball of clay appreciate love and see it as a beautiful and particular gift that improves life shown in line 4 “And builds a Heaven in Hell’s desperation.

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” On the other manus. those who are represented by the pebble position love as an unfastened window for more injury and more desperation in line 11 “And builds a Hell n Heaven’s despite” .In this verse form. Blake uses phrases to portray his position on love through the ball of clay. In lines 1-5 Blake provinces his position of what love should be “Love seeketh non Itself to delight. Nor for itself hath any attention.

But for another gives its easiness. And builds a Heaven in Hell’s desperation. ” Meaning that regardless of all the awful things that occurs in the universe love endures and can get the better of all obstructions. Blake besides expresses that love is non for ego – satisfaction. but to delight another. the 1 they love. In line 3 Blake says.

“for another gives its easiness. ” intending that one will give up the simpleness of taking attention of oneself and take up the duty of caring for the one they love.In contrast. with the phrases he uses and through the pebble Blake reveals on how the construct of love is perverted in lines 8-11 “Love seeketh merely Self to delight. To adhere another to Its delectation. Joys in another’s loss of easiness.

And builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite. ” In the concluding stanza Blake reveals that love is no longer perceived as a ego – less attitude. but something that is to delight one’s self and something that does no good. For illustration. in line 8 it says “Love seeketh merely Self to delight. ” To stress the ego – satisfaction with this kinky position on love Blake capitalizes the “Self” .

Blake shows that the type of people represented by the pebble do non appreciate life and merely care for themselves.Another manner Blake shows that love is particular and is easy perverted in his verse form “The Sick Rose” . Blake refers to the rose. which is a symbol of love. in line 6 as “crimson joy” . While in this verse form this rose is “destroyed” by a worm. A worm is a phallic symbol and a symbol of decease.

The devastation of the rose in line 7 is referred to as ” his dark secret love” . .In “The Clod and the Pebble” Blake uses certain words to better portray his positions on love. In lines 4 and 11 the word “build” is stated. but average two different things. When it is stated in line 4 Blake uses the word “build” to portray the image of how love can better life. While the word “build” in line 11 is used to give the reader a sense of accretion significance that over clip hurt and hurting will roll up due to love. Besides.

in lines 4 and 11 the last words in these lines are “despair” and “despite” . Line 4 says. “builds a Heaven in Hell’s despair” significance that although life may be truly tough love will get the better of. On the other manus. in line 11 “builds a Hell in Heaven’s despite” significance that no affair what good is go oning the spectator will merely see the bad side.

Blake tends to utilize words that have multiple significance. Besides. words that is similar to one another.

In consequence. this gives the reader a Fuller apprehension of his positions. Though. his verse forms are short they contain so much information.


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