Winston and Julia and Romeo and Juliet’s love Essay

One distinguishable difference between Winston and Julia. and Romeo and Juliet. is how they met and fell in love.

Winston met Julia at his work and from the first clip he saw her. he hated her. Winston even wanted to kill her one time. because he believed she was a undercover agent from the Thought Police. His choler rapidly changed to love when she in secret handed him a note incorporating the message. “I love you.

” Upon having this note Winston became obsessed with Julia. invariably seeking to happen ways to run into with her and worrying that she would lose involvement in him. After much careful planning. Winston and Julia were able to run into. yet merely talked for less than a minute and in a really concern like mode.

Finally they found ways to run into a twosome times a hebdomad for a few hours each clip.Romeo and Juliet. on the other manus. met at a party. Romeo was looking at the fish in an fish tank when he spotted Juliet on the other side.

He was stunned by her astonishing beauty and could non take his eyes of her. She finally saw him through the fish tank and was really attracted to him. They both fell in love at first sight and were married shortly after.One similarity both these twosomes portion is that their love is out. Winston was a married adult male.

and even though he does non populate with his married woman. the Party would kill both Winston and Julia if they found out abut their love for one other. And even if Winston wasn’t married.

love and matrimony is frowned upon by the Party. but is allowed in order for there to be kids. which are used as undercover agents for the Party. Romeo and Juliet’s love is out because their households are enemies.While both these couples’ love is out.

the sincereness of their love differs. I find it difficult to believe that Winston is truly in love with Julia. He went from detesting her to loving her merely because she said she loved him. I think if you hated person so much that you wanted to kill them.

I don’t believe it wouldn’t do a difference if they said they loved you or non. You might larn to wish them over clip. but I don’t think you could merely alter your head about person that quick.Winston is a lonely.

paranoid individual. so he likely merely wants person to be with. and since he’s ne’er have a good friend. he likely doesn’t cognize the difference between wishing person and loving person. He’s merely happy he has a relationship with person that hates the Party.

because it makes him fell sane and better about himself. I think Julia loves Winston though ; she has had tonss of relationships and knows the difference between like and love. She besides has ne’er hated or even disliked Winston. She has seemingly liked Winston for some clip. but was excessively afraid to of all time state him.

With Romeo and Juliet their love seems to be more sincere. They are a batch more unfastened about their love. Which is apparent because of the fact that they got married.

which meant person had to cognize they were in love. The lone individual that might hold a hint that Winston and Juliet are twosome is the tradesman. and he is non menace to them.

The fact that Romeo and Juliet both committed self-destruction. because they couldn’t stand to populate with out each other. besides proves that they must hold loved one and another. You would truly hold to love person to kill yourself because you couldn’t stand to populate without them.Even though Winston might non truly love Julia. he still truly likes her and would make merely about anything to be with her. And Julia has besides gone to great lengths to be with Winston.

so their “forbidden love/liking” of each other has a really powerful affect on their lives. Yet even though this love has a powerful affect on their lives. it most probably will non impact their society. While they do interrupt the Party’s regulations. they will most likely ne’er do anything that would alter the class of history.

This is partly because Julia feels its “stupid” to seek to travel up against Big Brother in any manner that the Party would notice.The out love in Romeo and Juliet’s relationship besides has a powerful affect on their lives. and their families’ lives. Their being together is a shame to their households. but yet after their deceases. their household forgets their differences and go friends.

So in Romeo and Juliet’s instance. out love is highly powerful. so powerful it changed the class of history.In both instances I feel that the twosomes have really unreal love narratives. Winston wouldn’t merely travel from detesting this miss to loving her with out at least believing about it for some clip.

And I bet that there’s non really many people see person their attracted to and decided to get married them right off. In both state of affairss the characters have a kind of Disney-like. forge love narrative.

doing both narratives a small harder to believe.


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