With the abundant theories of why and how our identity changes

With the abundant theories of why and how our identity changes, one concept looked into is that it’s due to rage towards the discrimination against who you are. The human instinct is to repel against anything that differentiates with your opinion. Despite Changez’s devotion for America, he still manages to see the flaws within the country. At Princeton, he “was one of the only two Pakistanis in his class” which shows he realises how there is subtle racism. After the “9/11” attack on The World Trade Centre, Changez’s doubts augment. His change is shown when he “smiled” and is “remarkably pleased” as he witnessed the twin towers collapse, because America’s egotism is being challenged and the country is being “brought to it’s knees”. Changez “was not at war with America”, however, it was his desire to see America harmed. This shows he is slowly becoming anti-American. How could someone who bravely claimed he was a lover of America progress into an anti-American? Obviously due to his experiences and the realization of America’s proletariats aversion towards individuals of other race including his own. As Changez realized he was a minority and his social class was not approving in America, his thoughts on America altered, he didn’t hate where he lived he just started to despise it. That further altered his identity, as he was before a young man with the ambition to conquer the American culture whilst being wealthy, but later moved to Pakistan as an anti-American activist all this due to his anger towards discrimination against what he is.


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