Witness Essay

The gesture image informant directed by Peter Weir in 1985 is a uniquely authoritative movie which has no Hollywood platitudes and the scene of different universes help the audience develop thoughts. Weir uses the Philadelphia Police Department scene to convey thought of police corruptness. Significantly he uses a rare combination of synthesised 1980’s soundtrack and a close up of Samuel Lapp. While Samuel Lapp walks about the constabulary station he recognises Mcphee’s image in a glass cabinet Samuel Michigan and stares at Mcphee who is the liquidator.It is at this point that the close-up of Samuel gazing in outstanding the soundtrack of a high pitched synthesised really gets louder as they full impact of this scene prevails.

Weir uses a close up of Samuel to demo his daze and discouragement as a facial look. he besides combines this with the high pitch Soundtrack to make suspense. The impact on the audience is realization that the polar scene in the movie and that the liquidator is in fact a police officer. The usage of western puting such as a metropolis constabulary station and the construct of constabulary corruptness.The fast nutrient scene is used to portray the thought of different universes.

Weir uses the sound consequence of the kitchen as the connexion to the universe that we know and a long shooting demoing John. Racheal and Sam are eating. John. Racheal and Samuel are sitting at the diner and merely about to eat tiffin the clang at different universes is present when John starts to madly eating the hot Canis familiaris while Racheal and Samuel go in at that place wont of praying before eating the sound effects of the autos outside and the sound effects of the kitchen.

Weir uses the long shooting to demo the difference between Book’s universe and Lapp’s universe. The usage of the scenery. the soundtrack and the long shooting of the tabular array shows the construct of different universe and different experiences The barn raising scene has been one of the most celebrated scene in Hollywood because it shows how Book has moved into a new scene. The panning on the lemonade demoing the friendly relationship o the two work forces that like Racheal it besides shows the thought of community credence of two work forces from different countries start countries start to work together.Weir uses the panning technique to demo a development on the thought that Daniel and Book would hold a long permanent friendly relationship. The scene of the Amish state and the western adult male ( Book ) working together as a community which help the audience develop and thought of friendly relationship.

During the concluding scene the bell pealing scene was a important brave minute for Samuel this shows he is independent. The long shooting of the Amish work forces coming over the hills to assist shows of a closely knit community of the Amish. Weir uses the long shooting to demo that the neighbors would come and help them in any in any manner.The impact on the audience is the realization that this is a polar scene from the point of position of Samuel because the bravery that he possesses to stand up against the immorality that is terrorizing at that place house.

Weir has intelligently shown Amish scene of the rural farm and the bell loom pace contrasting the frenetic western puting out of the fast nutrient diner and the busy constabulary section. These picks of puting helped Weir set up his thoughts of constabulary corruptness inside the constabulary section and the integrity and combined strength within the Amish community


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