Women Empowerment in India Essay

I would like to start through a quote from a famous book “The Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul”: •All women go through periods in their lives when numerous demands are placed on them- family, work, spouse, ex-spouse, children, step-children, parents. It is important, indeed necessary, to step back and re-evaluate one’s priorities, to reflect on one’s mission in life. For it is only in nurturing one’s soul that one can nurture or take care of another.

Today women are ill treated in various ways.Though times have changed in many ways from the past, yet it is not as it should be. There are various reasons for that and I am sure I do not need to go through them for I think most of us will already know. For my topic today I would like to give a special reference to Dan Brown’s “THE DA VINCI CODE” which talks about Sophie Neveu, granddaughter of the Louvre curator, grandmaster of a secret society that is assigned on a mission to protect a secret that is almost as old as time itself.When he is shot, he assumes that the secret would be lost forever, so he passes the coded information to his granddaughter that would lead her to discover the secret. He also tells her to find an American iconographer who could help her in this. As they go through their quest of uncovering this secret, they decide to involve an English knight for he was knowledgeable in solving the kind of riddles the curator had left them.But as the quest continues they discover that knight was the one who had actually murdered Sophie’s grandfather by using a Bishop and an albino monk.

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So let us ponder over the qualities of Sophie with its implementation to women in their life. Hard work, determination and success all go hand in hand. Just like Robin Sharma wrote in their book “THE GREATNESS GUIDE” that- Success does not just occur…..

you need to swim out to it, you need to make it happen. Our character, Sophie has had to face all sorts of problems in her quest when her…


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