Wonderland Hotel Quality Management Case Study Essay

John Chan. Wonderland Hotel’s general director. has a major public dealingss job related to a feast for TC International that was a complete catastrophe. The Vice President of TC International is highly defeated and disquieted about the full feast. The Vice President felt that every facet of the feast from the cocktail response. to the table apparatus and flowers.

to the nutrient and drinks. to the sound system and lensman were filled with jobs and that the Wonderland Hotel had let TC International down severely.After talking with internal and external participants. John Chan discovered that a comedy of mistakes and miscommunications occurred to render the feast a failure. First. the proficient director of the PA system was non given adequate clip to wire the tabular arraies because he had to wait for the hotel staff to unclutter the tabular arraies for them. The hotel services director claimed that he was ne’er told about the type of flowers TC International requested and that the proficient group moved the flowers near a heat mercantile establishment.

virtually destructing the flowers.The conference director claimed a conference checklist was non supplied to him ; hence he was unaware of the demand for video equipment. The caput chef and server felt the full eventide agenda ran tardily and that they were both unable to bring forth equal nutrient and service due to holds caused by other sellers such as the linemans.

Finally. the lensman claimed the conference director had merely booked him for half an hr at 10pm and that he had another engagement shortly after.When the lensman arrived. TC International was still in the center of the repast and the lensman had to go forth to go to the other battle. Had the lensman been cognizant of the state of affairs. he could hold arranged for a spouse to remain subsequently.

The TC International feast was a catastrophe due to miss of leading. organisation. and communicating. Besides lending to the failure was a deficiency of accepting duty by the clients and providers involved.The external client is TC International. who is paying a big fee to hold a superior feast executed by Wonderland Hotel.

The external provider is the lensman. who need to be kept informed about clip alterations in the event programming and who should hold allow the conference director know of his clip restrictions due to other battles. The internal providers are the proficient director. hotel services director. conference director. and the caput chef and server. Each of the internal providers demands to hold clip scheduled suitably to pull off each single duty.

The internal providers each claimed to hold been restricted by another internal provider who infringed on the clip each provider needed to supply superior service. Due to miss of communicating and leading. each internal and external provider was incognizant of the overall affect of clip holds and hence no action was taken to rectify the long line of errors that contributed to the banquet failure. To forestall similar catastrophes from happening in the hereafter. Wonderland Hotel should explicate a Entire Quality Management ( TQM ) scheme.

TQM is a direction scheme in which an consciousness of quality is known in all organisational procedures that will take to increased client satisfaction ( wikipedia. 2007 ) . A cardinal constituent of TQM is that there is an accountability criterion in which every participant in the organisation holds and understands duty to make their portion in achieving superior client satisfaction. In Wonderland Hotel’s instance. internal providers would understand the demand to step up and expeditiously form big events. Each provider would understand the demand for timely bringing of services and quality that would guarantee event success.Through increased communicating.

external providers and clients would be educated in their ain duties to do the event run swimmingly. For illustration. TC International would be aid accountable for pass oning all their demands and desires for the event and the lensman would be expected to be available even in the event of a hold in the agenda. All event clients and providers would experience a sense of inward duty to do the event a success alternatively of concentrating external incrimination for any jobs that occur.Mentionhypertext transfer protocol: //en. wikipedia.



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